Friendly Fire?!


How the heck did he confused the man with a quail? :roll: And this is the man that steps in if Dubya's suddenly unavailable?! 8O


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Cheney victim suffers heart attack

HOUSTON (Reuters) - The Texas lawyer accidentally shot by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney during a weekend quail hunt suffered a minor heart attack on Tuesday when some of the birdshot still in his body lodged near his heart, a hospital spokesman said.

Harry Whittington, 78, was moved into intensive care and ordered to stay in the Corpus Christi, Texas, hospital for at least another seven days to monitor his condition, said Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital spokesman Peter Banko.

The news suddenly gave a serious edge to the incident that the White House had begun making light of on Tuesday after tense exchanges with the press the day before over failure to disclose the shooting for almost a full day.


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If he dies (unlikely at the moment, granted) will Cheney be charged with homicide? Given that he displayed a huge amount of incompetence when in charge of the gun (walking unbroken, shooting to the rear, failing to identify his target, failing to clear arcs), I am surprised that this hasn't been leapt upon by the anti-gun lobby. He also failed to buy a shooting permit for the area. Still, could be worse for him - he could have shot a lawyer. Whoops, he did!

There is a TV clip of him being awarded a flintlock rifle by the NRA - and the bloke on stage looks like Elmer Fudd, FFS! The right to bear arms my arse!


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Looks like that lawyer got off lightly.

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