Friend of a friend whos famous

We was bored the other day in chat and started talking about famous connections we ( or claim we) have :

I'll get the ball rolling

My sisters best mate is dating a actor who will be appearing in Casulity very soon ( can't mention names as it's a same sex relationship and not sure if said person is well know for being out or not)

My Comms teachers brother is Andrew Serkis AKA Gollum


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My sister is seeing the ginger bloke from the 'Free one, free one' McDonalds ad, he has also been in Hornblower and is about to be in the Bill. Oh yeah, he was in a walls advert too!


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I played rugby at school with two England internationals and one star of the track and field, he's still the current world and olympic record holder I believe. I then went on to meet lots of people, whats the ground rules here, and does punching people count? :lol:
a mate at Primary school is now a multi millionare business owner of a famous soft drink company. bastard :)


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My dads best mate at school was Sean Connery and my aunts best mate was Annette Crosby (One foot in the grave)


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well... i have been told that i have a very STRONG distent cousin...who used to be a police man,,,, and loves birds...............would love to find out if its true.............


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kingoftwigs said:
Are his initials GC?
ahh now that would be telling....
it gose like this...........
he is the great grandson of my great grandfathers brother.... allegedly..( i say allegedly because i have no proof.. just wat my dear old grandma told me many moons ago...............)
work that out !!!!!!!!!!!
A friend of my sister once spent the night at Fred and Rose West's house in Cromwell Road.

She went home with one of their daughters, crashed the night and left the next morning. Scary - talk about a close escape! :shock:
I went to the same primary and secondary schools as Ian Botham (albeit several years apart).

My brother in law services Paul Newman's and Keanu Reeves' Porsches in California.
I went to school with Robin Cook, and I don't think any one really counted him as a friend, does that count.


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I met Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovon and Guy Pearce at the Royal Adelaide Show back in 83 before they because really huge!! They were relative unknowns then. in a new Channel 10 programme called 'Neighbours' !!!!!!


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My sister knew a guy who's brother knew a friend's mate of a cousin (once removed) who was friends with this bloke who shagged one of the Spice girls before they were famous, but can't remember which one.....I think!
:grin: :grin: