Fridges at Work.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by janner, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    At Guzzlers request.....crack on chaps.

    Makes, colours, volumn, operating tempeture, with or without freezer compartment.
  2. Beko, White (sort of), 80L, 3 deg, Minuscule freezer that seriously needs defrosting.
  3. Fridges at work .... got lots of them

    LabCold ... Blood Bank Fridges ... controlled envirionment constantly running at +4C ... pretty blue and glass. No freezer compartment ... got a couple of -32C freezers for that!
  4. No longer issued as office furniture in the mob, at least not where I am.
  5. Do you keep your sandwiches in them? ;P
  6. They can be signed out of stores at Yeolvilton...

  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I had a little hotel room bar type fridge in my cabin onboard my last ship. Come BOST and they said I needed it have the full fridge rules applied - temp etc.

    Took the plug off and called it an airtight coffee storage unit. Seemed to keep them happy.
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  8. Sarnies tend to go solid at -32C and if you put the in the water bath to defrost they go soggy!
  9. Do you get an extra mileage rate to take the fridge(s), containing sandwiches at the correct temp, iaw the factories act, not H&s legislation, to another establishment away from your normal place of work?

    Just a thought, as 100% of the companies I have worked for do not pay a mileage rate for fridges, but perhaps pusher does? Or perhaps we should put in a representation so we do get the mileage?

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  10. Pusher = pusser (sorry)
  11. Perhaps you need to have a word with this bloke

  12. Round Ireland? With a fridge? Blimey that's mad.

    Push it a couple of miles maybe, but 900? Sounds like a fridge too far...
  13. Please tell me that jokes not going to appear in NN anytime in the future!!
  14. Nope. I was once stopped from using the headline "Fridge over troubled water" about a sailor who saved himself by climbing onto a refrigeration container when his boat sank...
  15. How about The Fridges of Madison County?
    Ill get me Burberry
  16. If there are any more dodgy jokes like these, it's gonna be the fridge of sighs...
  17. In our crewroom we have a small Beko jobby. The only part that gets used is the freezer compartment which is toppers with people's berets and pre-soaked woolly pullys.
  18. Aren't the Beko's the ones that kept catching fire.
  19. How can they catch fire? They're cold.

    Or am I not quite understanding electrickery?
  20. The wiggly bits catch fire, the fire melts the ice, the melt water puts the fire out....sorted.

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