friday 13th loometh!!!!!!!

uh oh---- tomorrow is the dreaded FRIDAY 13TH!!!!
I shall be spending all day under duvet I think!!!!!! 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O


Righto! Was born on the 13th...lets see.....
Day off tomorrow. Will get the power-tools out, hook them up using a threadbare extension and drill holes in the walls of the house whilst standing in a bucket of salt water.

Member of the 13 Club. Dived to 130 feet on HMS/m Osiris S13 on Friday 13th.

Pushed the envelope now have full exemption from the curse.



Lantern Swinger
Off tomorrow. Going to the boozer to get ringers!! I will probably swamp myself. The only unlucky onE will be the missus when she wakes up soaked. Might issue her a 'once only' in the forenoon. :twisted:
I'm meeting rosy tomorrow for coffee, then going on a course for the weekend ( the hottest so far ) at hopefully it won't be to bad
SpliceTheMainbrace said:
Hope nowt bad happens tomorrow. Please let it be lucky.
well it's only 22 mins past the hour and have already been let down by a certain person who shall remain things not looking so good


War Hero
Pinta...I was born in '69...obviously a good vintage. I aint got the round in yet but am disapearing to HQ in a bit to watch the Grand National so will get it then.

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