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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by brazenhussy, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi- just to let any other RR peeps in the area know- Lister and I are meeting up at 1330 in Wetherspoons , Fareham ( opposite the Sony Centre), if anyone else cares to pop in for a swift half etc..................

    See you there xxxxxxxxxxxxx BH :wink:
  2. Tease !
  3. sorry babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D
  4. Never mind, grass is always greener and all that. Just sounded appealing, haven't been in UK since October.
  5. I may pop in as it goes as I have a couple of things to do in town today, so may see you there.

    Be on the look out for an ageing biker. :)
  6. okey dokey - looks like may be around 1230 now as Im finishing earlier than originally planned!! :D
    (Poets Day - love it!!)
  7. You can't miss Lister....he's 10 foot 5!
  8. Wrong Smudge im 10ft 3 without my high heels on!!!!
  9. Wish I could BH, Lister and Brigham, just that I am a couple of hundred miles away, anyway enjoy and have a beer for me.
  10. Is a bike compulsory? I got rid of my L-plated Honda (70ccs of vicious snarling fury) many moons ago!
  11. Are Zimmer Frames Admitted????
  12. They must be im going.... aparently im getting old now!!
  13. I'll be the one carrying a Shoei lid and wearing my bike jacket. ;-)

    See you in there soon.
  14. Good to meet BH and I actually know Lister from my FOST days. Sorry I could not join you in the actual alcohol stakes, but the Blade does not like me when I have been drinking Stella, nor do the cops. :)

    See you again another time with luck.
  15. Thanks guys for the beer - was good to put faces to names - a shame Rosie couldn't stay longer but good all the same!

    Will have to arrange something for July as June sounds like a busy month for all of us!! :D :D

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