fri lunch time

Hi- just to let any other RR peeps in the area know- Lister and I are meeting up at 1330 in Wetherspoons , Fareham ( opposite the Sony Centre), if anyone else cares to pop in for a swift half etc..................

See you there xxxxxxxxxxxxx BH :wink:
brigham600 said:
I may pop in as it goes as I have a couple of things to do in town today, so may see you there.

Be on the look out for an ageing biker. :)
okey dokey - looks like may be around 1230 now as Im finishing earlier than originally planned!! :D
(Poets Day - love it!!)
Good to meet BH and I actually know Lister from my FOST days. Sorry I could not join you in the actual alcohol stakes, but the Blade does not like me when I have been drinking Stella, nor do the cops. :)

See you again another time with luck.
Thanks guys for the beer - was good to put faces to names - a shame Rosie couldn't stay longer but good all the same!

Will have to arrange something for July as June sounds like a busy month for all of us!! :D :D
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