Discussion in 'Submariners' started by FunkyJunky, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. good luck to those who take it
    hefty sum

  2. ???????????
  3. its A LOT of money for PO/CPO WESM for 5 years RoS
  4. It's less than a years wages after tax, not a lot for someone who's had enough and has their notice in. So far the only people I know who are taking it have more than 5 years left anyway.
    It might stabilise the plot for a little while, tie a few guys in who weren't planning on going outside just yet, but it doesn't appear to be making any difference to those who've already decided to go.
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    expat, the one offered to GSWO2ME's worked out the same, £40k sounds like a lot until you break it down, over 5 years it's less than £5k a year. Again most of the people who took it were the ones who were already staying.
  6. Any chance of some info Funky? I couldn't find anything DIN, RNTM related.
  7. FRI in the pipeline for GS WE SR's next month also, be interested in how much is being offered.
  8. The WESM FRI is 50K before tax. Not a great deal for 5 more years of your life. If you've got the time left and aren't planning on going it's a nice bonus. The conditions attached rule out quite a few guys.
    Another FRI I'm not eligible for, although at least this time it's my fault for going over to the dark side.
  9. Can it be backdated 23 years?
  10. Load of bollocks!
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  11. 50k before tax for 5 years. Cheeky buggers.
  12. Where did you get this info? I can't find a DIN or RNTM mentioning it.
  13. Ah ha, now I understand what all my tiff mates were pratting on about on facebook yesterday.

    As I've always suspected, the submarine service must be proper gash if they're having to dole out 50 grand incentives to stop people thinning out.

    "But we don't have to call officers Sir and we stayed in a 4* hotel once when we stopped in Florida."
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  14. going from the general gist. there are a fair few people who thought they were eligible who found out they are not and are not too chipper. pretty large, good and divisive sum of money

    and 2 deck dash. sadly, you are right. the SM service has just gone weird in the last few years or so.
  15. There is definitely a DIN, I've read it. Sadly I don't have it to hand so I can't give you the number.
  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do you know, I only recently found out that they think that not calling officers "sir" is one of the reasons that being a Sm is better than being a skimmer. Hilarious! Wish I'd signed up years ago!
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  17. Always been weird, just depends on size of dip stick you use
  18. Dont know what weird is, but I thought Bombers were shite, I was single, stuck in Scotland and not getting any runs ashore, but if you were going home to the wife every night you probably thought them great, one mans shit another mans fertiliser, on a diesel boat we got some decent runs ashore, a relaxed routine (sir was still sir) better pay and got put up in Hotels, though when the novelty wore off if was just somewhere to get your head down and have a bath, as a greenie on an old boat there was always something for me to fix, on the Bomber there was nothing to do except watch keep, from what I read on here boats seem pretty unappealing with loads of sea time, limited runs and a boring routine, you can understand why they have to dangle a carrot, as for being a Submariner, I think that bothered the skimmers more than us
  19. Calling your DO 'Boss' instead of Sir means it's less bullshit apparently.

    No runs ashore and not seeing daylight sounds more bullshit to me.
  20. Honestly? SM Ratings say that calling an Officer "Boss" means it's informal? I've been called Boss by most of the Sailors I've worked with over the last 14 years. Perhaps I'm a closet Submariner.
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