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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DannyW, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, I'm Danny, I'm eighteen, and I'm an alcoholic :lol:

    I jest, I'm currently cramming up on various aspects of Navy and current affairs, as well as other preparation for the AIB, and thought immersing myself in a like-minded community made good sense!

    I'm aiming high at aircrew officer pilot or Royal Marines officer, and after acheiving VA1 and 106/120 in my aptitude tests, I am now eagerly awaiting my medical on the 19th April.

    I hope you all don't mind me chirping up on various topics in the short-term, ciao for now! o/
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi Danny, Welcome.

    Well done on 'achieving' VA1. About 80% of 18 year old applicants manage to achieve similar results, but it's certainly a good starter for aircrew.

    With regard getting 14 wrong in the recruiting test, don't be too downhearted, many fare far worse & admittedly a fair few do better, but it's adequate at this stage of the selection process.

    Best of luck with the medical, etc. :wink:
  3. Nice grammar there, welcome to the forum.

    Don't let the grumpy old men get up your nose some of them forget this is the "NEWBIE" section.

  4. Enough of that.

    What are your thoughts on walking around around stark bollock naked while drinking a fine cognac and listening to this?

    That's exactly what I am doing now.
  5. ...And never forget that the Newbie Section is always Open Season to one & all at RR.

    Get used to it :wink:
  6. Yeah.

    You nekkid and drinking Courvoisier VSOP Imperial too?

    I'm no quite sure how I ended up in this situation but I like it.

  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well, dont bother with the Corps then, they dont like quitters, an alcoholic is someone who is struggling to quit the drink, man up and soldier on with it.... :p
  9. Ahhaha, I quite like the thread hijack, although had kind of hoped that the military background would sieve out the forum trolls ;)

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and I feel somewhat honoured to have the rather infamous Ninja commenting on my thread \o/

    Unlucky at not getting 'OMG 1ST POST!!!!!!!1!!1!1' though Ninja, assuming that forum tradition is alive and well on RR
  10. I wasn't fcuking joking sprog. Ever taken part in a 'sneaky Indian' with a consenting lady?

    I'm kind of a big deal round here, I'll look after you, I like your face.
  11. Every fibre in my body tells me to Google 'sneaky Indian', but I haven't Googled anything since that Blue Waffle malarky =|

    Cognac? Check
    Nudity? Check
    But, the song, REALLY? It totally turns me off, thus ruining the whole point of being nakey ;)
  12. I should probably Ninjaedit it before he reads it

    (Pun intended)
  13. Blue waffle, nice.

    You can stay.

    Do have any particular views on this?
  14. I'll hold my hand up there witsend, it comes from an MSN-based childhood.

    And I think I've finally found a use for this website 2_deck:

    Plus a whole lot of other stuff you'll want to touch yourself over when it gets late and 2girls1cup just isn't erotic anymore.
  15. I'll confess, the abortion pictures were a bit TOO strong, but I am from a provincial seaside town, sandwiched between the borders of Preston and Liverpool, and should thus be given generous amounts of slack?
  16. Yes
  17. I'll obviously say yes to conform like a good little newbie (like I had a choice), but erm, who or what is Norman?!
  18. Slightly less of a cunt thanyou.
  19. As the usual suspects are on this case I'll bide my time :wink:

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