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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. My initial thread is getting way too big now, so I thought I'd start a new thread with FAQs on so people coming on can read it before asking away and clogging up the board list. :idea:

    I'll start;

    1) Does the Basic Training in the Royal Navy (8 Weeks at Raleigh) have a 'Best Recruit' award?

    2) What is the difference between Blue Navy Uniforms and White Navy Uniforms?

    3) Another Uniform question - What are the differences between #1s, #2s and 3#s?

    Can't think of anymore but will definitely think of some more later.

    Also, would be great to compile a massive list to make a new 'Sticky' thread detailing all FAQs and their answers. :D
  2. Regarding question 2: Basically the difference is that Blue uniforms are coloured blue and white uniforms are white... (I'm just putting on my teflon lid!) :wink: :lol:
  3. Yeah but surely there's a deciding factor to which people have White and which people have Blue? lol
  4. Don't be so stupid. The good guys always wear white
  5. I think I've lost all hope of having a serious answer :p
  6. OK blue uniform is worn when in UK and other cooler countries. Whites are worn when in the troipics (Hot countries).
  7. LOL is that it?

    That seriously is the answer?

    Well I thought Blues were worn if you're a Medic, Engineer, Logistics, etc. And Whites were warn if you're a Pilot, Submariner or basically anything to do with the Warfare side of things!

    I suppose it makes sense now!

    Okay, what about the other questions?

    What are the differences between #1s, 2#s and 3#s?

    I know 1#s are worn for general duty, but what about the other two?

    Thanks for your answer slim mate! :D
    Are you in the Navy? Been in? Wanting to go in?
  8. In the old days in intermediate climates one wore half blues, ie blue on the bottom and white on the top.
  9. The uniform numbers have changed substantially since I left in 1985.
    They used to be

    No1 uniform Best blue suit with medals worn for ceremonial occasions
    No2 uniform Same as No 1 bet no medals just the medal ribbons.
    No3 Uniform Second best blue suit (issued was rough serge material) used for duties
    No6s White Uniform (long trousers & tunic)
    No8s Action working dress (blue cotton trousers & blue long sleeved shirt)
    There were other numbers as well but as I stated the numbers have since changed so it would be good if some serving guy out there enlightened you. However you will probably get all the information you require during your basic training.
  10. I think in my day this was referred to as Red Sea rig and was worn in the mess as evening wear. Officers also wore a cummer band. As far as I am aware its still the norm today
  11. Haha should have said 'IF you get to basic training'

    I'm remaining pessimistic until I'm in!

    That way I can't be disappointed!
  12. This one was never answered!

    1) Does the Basic Training in the Royal Navy (8 Weeks at Raleigh) have a 'Best Recruit' award?
  13. well

    NO1s - Are your proper dress like ur salior outfit..

    NO3s - are white shirt and black pants with ya belt on and ya shoes

    NO4s - are AWD action working dress something like that.

    all the info you could want on badges and uniforms.

    and yes they have the best recruit but its not just on performance, its on everything.
  14. I think it still does , gives you that bit more to aim for , 8O
  15. LOL You're bloody right it does and if I get in, I'll be gunning for it big time! It must be a proud feeling to pass out in front of your family, but to step up for best recruit must be an electrifying experience! Although you probably shit yourself marching alone to be presented with the award!

    I thought performance was everything?

    In the Army, we were told that the winner is somebody who doesn't do the best at everything, but gives 100% at ALL times, even if they don't finish first for the mile and half for instance!

    Can you please elaborate pooley?

    Your advice has been brilliant so far, thank you!

    You too dondon!
  16. basicly the way they look at it (this is what happened in my entry) was when you are in during the 8 weeks they look at performace how much you have improved plus if someone has had to deal with an incident like injury or death in the family.

    you get what i mean they look at the whole of you 8 weeks because they have performance tropheys anyway...
  17. So basically, no matter what comes at you, you've got to be part new recruit and part god to win!? lol
  18. yeah thats exactly it really.
  19. That I can handle, I'm gonna be ridiculously over-prepared this time if I get in!

    Fitter than I was when I joined the Army.

    I'm gonna do ALL mum's ironing two months prior to going in!

    I'm gonna get up at 5am every morning 2 months prior so that when I go in, it'll be no different from any other day - Waking up wise!

    I'm going for that award!

    LOL hear me, I haven't even got in yet!

    Downloading MSN now mate!

  20. Your family will be so proud if you pass out as top recruit [still be proud that your passing out at all] , my Daughter passed out of Keogh Barracks over a year ago , she looked so smart , she is only a little one but looked 6 foot that day , she did'nt tell anyone except her mum [we are divorced] that she was passing out as top student , she then had to go up and give a little speech , my heart was in my mouth for her , but she did ok , I was very nearly in tears I can tell you ,
    If you want it , GO FOR IT , best of luck mate , keep in touch on this site , 8)

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