Frequent Flyers

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stripey_G, May 23, 2007.

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  1. So thats a what a Joy Stick is.
  2. That's something to put on the CV:

    "Watched hamsters with hard-ons running around on a wheel"
  3. i dont think the rest of the passengers are going to be impressed with me cracking one out in seat 15C
  4. So would the Hamsters be Left or Right Hand Threaded?
  5. anything to declare sir..


    zip thunk!!!
  6. you can see customs now, "well Sir, what are these little blue pills".."they are viagra".."really Sir, follow us please, strip and bend over...."
  7. WOW Tattoo Dog.

    You certainly have a vivid brain coming up with that one for you CV, you will make a 2 1/2 ringer within five years mate..

    tell us what their answer was lol


  8. Unlikely Pingbosun, since I'm outside at the end of the year :wink:

    However I'm thinking of getting a job doing Viagra tests!
  9. I tried Viagra once, all I got was a stiff neck!

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