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can any one let me know how often the below noted courses run, once a month every two months etc?

Phase 1 Sea Saftey Course and OG518NE

By sea safety I assume you mean BSSC and not Safe Deck Hand course which seems to be de rigeur now for phase 2 RNRs - both run monthly, SDHC at Raleigh and BSSC at Excellent - although book now as BSSC is booked up months in advance.


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There is a slight snag with the OG518, in that Reservists need to do the OG518NE, NE stands for New Entry, and this is because, unlike our regular cousins, we do not touch weapons at Raleigh, so we need an extra couple of days of general military/weapon awreness.
This is why the 3 day rifle course that is run at Faslane is NOT sufficient.

Any probs ?? email me by replying to one of my ETMs or PM me on here (PM not as good as might not log on for a couple of days)


The Faslane one is the OG543 or something?

so aim for the OG518NE, as that one has the test at the end which qualifies the user in the weapon?

Do you know how often the Safe deck hand course runs then?
Currently at Raleigh, new entries do an SA80 familiarisation element instead of the ODSSC (one day sea survival course) at Horsea Island. They do everything but fire it. This was introduced around end of last year. Most people will still need the extra time the 5 day course affords to become comfortable with the weapon so it's the best fit now - the 3-day is more suitable for people previously qualified on the A1 or SLR who need to get up to speed for a new billet.

SDHC runs about monthly depending on terms at Raleigh. Your Training co-ordinator will be able to get you a list of dates as with the 518. Pick one and go for it. Good luck.

PS if you've any left eye dominance probs get that sorted before you do. Your Chief GI will give you advice on that if you need it.
I over heard something on at drill night the other day, and two L.Hs were saying that Faslane is now running the 5 day OG518. I never got the chance to ask them about it......any one confirm?


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The 518NE is now being (or has been) phased out and replaced with the 526. This 526 is ONLY run at HMS Raliegh, and is the course that all RNR Ratings MUST do as soon as they complete the NE at HMS Raligh. I understand Faslane do do several courses, however I believe that, as far as our branch is concerned, thses courses are mor a "refresher".

Hope this helps, if not, speak to your PSIs, and if cnfuddlement is still there, pse get back to me

Could anyone tell me what the reason is for intruducing the 526 into the RNR training.

Were there too many failing the 518?

The only people I have come across who failed the 518 should have been drowned at birth in any case. Actually, come to think of it there are a few who passed it who i wouldn't wish to stand near when in possession of a charged rifle :D


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Basically because the RN are no longer doing it.

they found that too many people where failing the course during basic training, partially because of the massive increase in numbers going through and the fact that most of them had never seen a gun before. Obviously if they fail they get back classed, and then fail again its career over before it started. Fine if your a gunner, bit harsh for a writer or stoker.

So they now spend more time teaching and getting familiar with the weapon, once they have succesfully done their weapons handling test they concentrate on marksmanship on the 25m range. result less failures and more people confident with the weapon, which can only be a benefit to all.

Unfortunatley this means that on completion they are not qualified to shoot on 100m range until they have done their SPF course, which is only open to those that require it.

If you compare the training the RN recieved compared to the RM it was a lot more condensed and rushed and large classes, very much like a conveyor belt. understandable really as its not high up on our training priority compared to the RM. however they are expected to achieve the same sort of standard WHT and marksmanship so it was bound to cause a problem.


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itsamuppet said:
understandable really as its not high up on our training priority compared to the RM. however they are expected to achieve the same sort of standard WHT and marksmanship so it was bound to cause a problem.
And I thought that Bootnecks were firing over 400m while matelots only had to shoot over 100m. Every day is a school day.

Seriously though, the 518 course that I did was 3 days from a standing start, I'd never touched a weapon (fnar fnar) in my life and on the 3rd day I was on the range achieving a pass. Bearing in mind that I had the choice of "glasses on - nice clear foresight, target a fcuking blur, or glasses off - nice clear target but what the fcuk is that fuzzy thing obscuring my vision", I don't believe that you could fail it unless you were a) blind or b) completely devoid of hand-to-eye co-ordination.
Stupid as it sounds i can see the logic.

Most new RNR ratings are more mature than your avaerage RN recruit (not a critisism - we tend to be older) and I think the RNR tend to take their courses more seriously because of it, and because we can't really afford to be back classed after taking time off work. This possibly gives us more respect for the weapon???


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the basic lessons are the same for everyone irrespective of branch, or service. They are all the taught to the same standard to the same book. The difference is after the normal teaching day the RN returns theirs back to the armoury and forget about them till the next day. the RM (according to a RM instructor) can take their weapons back to the barracks and practice that days lessons returning them later in the evening of course. They also tend to be a lot more dedicated to passing than your average mateloet.(99% need not apply)

Also as Trehorn points out most RNR are a lot older and more mature which does have an effect on passing ability. Saying that I have seen RNR personnel that I wouldn't trust with a water pistol that have passed out of Raleigh and 2 weeks later failed their WHT.

once you have passed your SPF course you will be able to shoot out to whatever range the RCO decides, normally 100m, because of the NACMT, but you can do the trained soldier shoot, and if ammo allows any number of continuation shoots most of which include 200m and 300m. this does mean that Bisley will become exclusivley War Sea as those who qualified before the new course from other branches leave. If Bisley goes on that long.

99.9% need not apply :)

So are you saying only War Sea in the RNR will do SPF (I assume that is something to do with weapons and not sun tans?) and everyone else will do a cut down course which only qualifies them to shoot at 25M? Will they still do APWT?




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must have been a bootie giving me the maths figures.
SPF is ships protection Force, new name for SPO or ships protection organisation.

I stand to be corrected but my understanding is if your not War Sea there is a course you can do to be able to shoot beyond 25m, but this is only if you are to deploy somewhere that requires it.

If not there is no requirement for them to do the course, and therefore no requirement to keep in date for NACMT, so less Range time required and even less ammo. Savings all round.

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