Frequency of AIBs / Officer intakes?

Officer entries are normally in January, April and September each year. The process will take approx 4 to 6 months, but could depend on the branch you want and the spaces available wihtin your chosen profession.

What age are you now? Have you checked on the careers section of the RN website to check for eligability?

Best of luck with your application


I have a degree in finance from a uni. in the US, but am a UK citizen and will (apparently) be able to obtain a residency waiver to join as an officer. I will be starting my application immediately. I would like to be a warfare officer, perhaps mine clearance. Would I be able to make the January intake if I started now?

Just to let you know that I started my application in January and have my medical next week so still waiting for a date of the AIB. I will hopefully be able to go for the January intake (if I'm successful!) Anyway, it will have taken a year in total for me if that happens and I haven't had any delays or problems (touch wood!).
Supermario is being a bit optimistic, I think.

The process can take as little as four months, but that only gets you to the holding pool for BRNC places. You could start your application in say, October, get to AIB in March, get a September place, and thus take about a year from the start. Add in more time if you want an aircrew place.

A far cry from 30 years ago - I applied in December, did FATs in January, AIB in February and joined BRNC in April. I'd done my first solo in the RN less than a year from filling in my forms.

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