French Military Victories

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by finknottle, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Try this one:

    1, Go to

    2, Type in "French Military Victories", but without the quotes.

    3. Instead of hitting "Search", hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"

    4. Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it!

    I am passing it on from another forum as instructed :lol:
  2. Right, what fun!

    I first got this here

    Then got this!

    Thought it was gonna be rude :twisted:
  3. It's enough to nearly make you feel sorry for them, rudeness I can do that if you like?
  4. I knew things were bad as far as French Military history is concerned - but to be beaten by the Italians ... christ! Can't say as I'm surprised though. Ungrateful B'stardo's with short memories. Let them sort out their own battles out in future.
  5. Outstanding! Also tried substituting naval for military. Came up with a BBC report of Trafalgar 200. Sad, very sad.
  6. I always understood the word 'victory' in the context of the French military was an oxymoron. :lol: No wonder Google cannot help you. Now if Google got taken over by the French, I bet the word Waterloo would be reclassified as an obscene word and banished forever from cyberspace! :roll:
  7. Jack staggers along a beach after a particularly rough night on the beer. Bleary eyed, he spies an old oil lamp in the sand and, attempting to give it a shine (might be worth something) he begins to brush the sand off it.

    Smoke begins to come from the spout and a Genie appears.

    Genie: I am the genie of the lamp and for releasing me I grant you two wishes.
    Jack: Only two wishes?
    Genie: Yes two, it's cutbacks.
    Jack thinks about it for a few moments and says "OK. Can you build a twenty foot wall all the way around France"?
    Genie clicks fingers and says "Tis done, oh salty one. What do you want for your second wish?
    Jack: Can you fill it up with water?
  8. Est ce que vous matelots Anglais n'aimez pas les matelots Francais? Ou les Francais en masses? Je ne comprends pas les Anglais! Allez Vichy!!
  9. Whilst sharing the general viewpoint of our neighbours across the river there is a more positive aspect of their culture,in addition to their food and women ( except the poor real frogs and snails ). When they believe they are being screwed by their leaders the reaction is certainly volatile. Two main features here. The actual revolution when French royalty was ended forever and the recent display ( revolution? ) against a law they didn't like, law withdrawn.
    Meanwhile in the countries of the three amigos of the Iraqi war notoriety the populations ares getting screwed good and proper and yet the leaders continue to get away with fckiung robbery and murder and get re-elected. What do the good folks of these countries do, smile grit their teeth and cop the lot. Maybe there is something going for the frogs after all. Think about it.

    Just a thought

  10. It's true that the French have their good points, however their protests are also preventing positive and necessary economic adjustments. They want to retain a good pensions system whilst ensuring that the current system is unsustainable. Their best points are good food, affordable booze, lasses who can eat cream cakes and stay slim (how, I ask?) and the guillotine... oh, but hold on, I think they've abolished that. Damn!

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