French "bug" British Minister during CVF Talks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Of far more concern is that the French are getting the proper version of the carrier with catapults etc, Aster missiles and a fully swept up command centre...things which are now considered a luxury for the Royal Navy under Brown!
  2. More Brown Cock-ups. He is going to go down in history for sure, but not for the right reasons
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    bau for Frogs. They would say, 'C'est normal'. Anyone who expects frogs not to cheat is living on a cloud.
  4. Remind me - just exactly why did we bother to bail them out the second time (WWII)? I mean, anyone can make a mistake once, but twice??

  5. Top Phrogs! Don't blame them either.

    I don't regard the McBroone Administration as British so it's a good call in my book.
  6. Surely we're spying on them too though; even if its just through an embassasy or industrial espionage?

    Why didnt they tighten up after he was supposodly bugged the first time any way?

    Sounds like a mountain out of a mole hill by the snail...
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    In some circumstances, if a bug is found and EVERYONE keeps schtum about it (not screaming c,, a bug, as they find it) it can be useful for planting disinformation; but this demands a degree of subtlety and intelligence which I would not expect from a politician, unless it is to do with getting the snout deeper in the trough.
  8. Doesnt matter that they bugged the idiot. They may get the better carrier out of it, with catapults and command systems, but remember they will flee at the first sight of trouble, so we could send a few toddlers over armed with catapults to their dockyard to claim it as ours (in payment for their snooping of course)
    Problem is, if we dont get it first, the next nation to wag a finger at the cheese eating surrender monkeys, will get the use of it handed to them on a plate.
    Sport of kings???? Killing the french!!!
  9. Interesting how Dubya's phrase is used, 'cos I don't think we should have gone into Iraq. either. Maybe we should have been Wensleydale eating surrender monkeys?
  10. Something that Johnny Frog still has that, as a Nation, we've chosen to dispense with; pride.

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