French battle honours ??

Discussion in 'History' started by stirling2, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Seems the surrender monkeys have some claim after all.

    Copy of Manxman's exploits in the med August 1941

    1st Transit of Sicilian Narrows with Force “Xâ€.

    2nd Italian submarine TEMBIEN sunk by HMS HERMIONE.

    Disembarked stores in Malta and sailed for Gibraltar with Force “X†ships.

    4th Returned to Gibraltar with ships of Forces “H†and “Xâ€.

    5th Took passage to UK for planned minelaying operations.

    13th Prepared for minelay in Mediterranean at Kyle of Lochalsh (Operation MINCEMEAT)

    (Note: These included adoption of a disguise to ship so it appeared similar to Vichy

    French LEOPARD during the passage through French coastal waters for a

    mine lay off west coast of Italy. Some sources record that this was the only

    occasion when a British warships displayed French colours as part of a

    deception plan)

    15th Embarked mines at Milford Haven

    16th Sailed from Milford Haven for Gibraltar.

    19th At Gibraltar to collect orders for MINCEMEAT.

    22nd Hoisted French colours during passage near Balearics and headed for Toulon.

    24th Laid 150 mines in Gulf of Genoa minefield.

    (Note: Diversionary air attacks were carried out on Sardinia in Cover operation by

    ships of Force “Hâ€. See Naval Staff History.)

    25th Return passage to Gibraltar with same procedure when in French coastal waters.

    30th Arrived at Kyle of Lochalsh after successful operation
  2. What about the RAF Regiment, heard some Rock Ape Occifer yesterday on the BBC stating that a Regiment's Battle Honours had historically been taken into battle. Historic, Battle, RAF Reg - WTF????
  3. It would appear that all the RAF squadrons have Battle Honours which are like a ships battle honours. They are awared to the Squadron of the RAF Regiment not to be confused with brown jobbies Regimental Battle honours. No1 Squardon of the RAF Regiment has the following Battle Honours

    Kurdistan 1922 to 1923
    Kurdistan 1930 to 1931
    Palestine 1936
    Iraq 1941
    Egypt and Libya 1941 to 1943
    Gulf 1991

    There are rules as to which honour can be displayed on the Squadron Standard.



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