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Freedom of Expression


War Hero
It is being proposed that the RN will march for 'gay pride'. If we are going to be allowed to 'get political' this is perhaps more important though I'd suggest going in civvies. Although the freedom of expression issue goes deeper under Bliar's Reich, those who have been following the Islamoloons' reaction to the cartoons published in Denmark that 'dissed' the prophet may appreciate the subtle call to arms.

Won't be allowed, because this is a politically motivated rally, and you would need prior approval from those on high to attend in uniform. It also doesn't fit with our current Diversity policy, in which we welcome suicide bombers with open arms.....

Gay pride is not political or controversial (and don't forget the RAF were the first in 2004 at a Manchester Rally, although the Scum seem to have ignored this....)
Well, I am all up for going along, and in rig as well. These gigs attract sh*t loads of fag-hags, some of whom are surprisingly divs.. :D

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