Free to good home ..........

Having just watched the film "Das Boot" for the umpteenth time, and despite it being a great movie I've decided enough is enough, so I'm happy to pass it on for someone else to enjoy.
It's an original and undamaged dvd (not a pirate) and the only condition is that you are/were a member of the brotherhood!
First to send me their postal address by PM will receive it, but please be patient, as it's coming from Cyprus. :cool:
Rare unreleased demo LP record:

"Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath play and sing the very best of George Formby"

An absolute must for heavy ukulele fans.

Only played never.
I have acquired several hundred CO2 absorption cannisters. All used and therefore all absolutely toppers with carbon dioxide which seems to be in short supply.

£50 each, or two for £99.99.

Cash only.
I can never decide if it is just the 'normal' Sumo's dyslexia or whether he has got access to some REALLY good shit homebrew!
may be that's the problem, all that S hit homebrew I used to drink?
Dyslexia is ok but combined with a so called smart arse predictive text, an spell checker I am screwed.