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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jamie534, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure this topic will draw some not-very-serious replies but i've been wondering recently what amount of free time you get, for example at the moment in my spare time i like to go and see bands play live, so would i still be able to do that.

    I'm not really sure the amount of free time i'll be getting in the Navy and, to be honest, this is worrying me a little. I mean obviously i don't expect to be doing 2 hours work every day and then spending the rest of the time slacking but i'd like to know if you get the odd weekend off etc. Just looking for some clarification.

    Cheers, Jamie
  2. Let's be honest, Jamie, of course you get time off. When your ship is in the UK, you get most evenings off and probably 3 out of 4 weekends. When your ship is away from the UK, then you will get time off in foreign ports. I saw loads of bands both in the UK and abroad. Don't worry about time off, you'll get enough.


  3. Oh yeah i wasn't under the impression i'll be working 24/7, just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the reply.
  4. It's a good question really; most new joiners haven't a clue what the working routine is going to be.
    On balance (across the whole RN) 8 to 4:30 most days, on duty 1 day in 4 or 5, most weekends free. There are many, many variations, both at sea and ashore.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Of course once the new carriers are up and running they will fly the bands out to you
  6. Probably worth noting that it does depend on what branch one is in and what rate/ rank one holds. The above is probably a fair reflection at the Junior Rate level, but I'd be anticipating longer hours from Senior Rates and Officers, much of the time.

    The clear inference from above is also one weekend duty in four, although subject to routines worked that might increase to one in five and subject to how enlightened the hierarchy is there might be some time off in lieu (I know it's not officially allowed but it happens).
  7. Hi, I’m also a newbie who’s thinking of applying for the Royal Navy and the question above is quite an interesting one!

    Here are my questions!

    With regards to vacations, for instance your ship arrives at Malta, for how long would the ship stay for? Couple of nights at most?

    Also, I’ve heard some members of the Navy staying in hotels when arriving at a foreign port, I assume it only applies to a limited group of personnel?

    Many thanks!
  8. The hotel question usually applies to Submariners.
  9. Runs ashore tend to be like fresh fish. After four days they go bad. As a JR, you can expect to get a duty in every run ashore, with time off during the following day if you have to watchkeep. Normally at least one day during each visit is designated as a sunday routine, so everyone gets some downtime. Obviously, there is a certain amount of work that can only be done whlst the ship is alongside, or even a greywater fit to rig!

    Grabbing a hotel during a vist is an increasingly popular way of getting away from the ship for a couple of days, you just need permission from your DEPCO. Bear in mind that during the last Gulf trip I did, we got one run ashore every 3 weeks, so its important to make the best f it! After 3 weeks at sea the cost of a hotel for a couple of nights seemed reasonable.
  10. So with weekends off at home port, do you get rail warrants?
  11. What do you want a rail warrant for???
    Get down the nearest offy and buy a crate of thunderbird then off Southsea station .
  12. To help with the costs of getting back and seeing my daughter and mrs in Kent.
  13. No, but you do get a distance related rate on your daily to fund a proportion of your weekending costs.
  14. If on a seagoing ship yes you will be entitled to warrants. If ashore and you own or rent your own house you will be entitled the Get You Home (Travel), an allowance paid on a daily basis which equates to two return journeys a month. It's a lot more complicated than it used to be, but the entitlements are still there - just not necessarily as straightforward as a good old warrant.
  15. Sounds like a lot of scope for foxtrot uniform. I rent my own house so we will see. For instance a return journey from Plymouth to Ashford International, cheapest available fare is £77.50 (quick check), I stand to have an extra £155.00 a month paid to me if ashore?
  16. Not sure of the rates offhand, but that's quite feasible - it is a fairly generous amount. As it's your 'family home' you'll be eligible so I don't think you'll have anything to worry about.
  17. as a rough guideline and this is a few years ago, I got approx £90 a month GYHP a month when working in Yeovil and living in Pompey
  18. Live and learn, I thought that had been canned and it was a variant of the GYH package.
  19. I think it may go that way Karma - but hasten to add that is just a personal view.

    Thanks for the example Mrs E - goes to confirm what I thought that two journeys should be fairly well covered.

    B2B - I didn't make myself clear. When I said 'equate to' I didn't mean exactly. As with, for example, LOA, the figure is reached by Civil Servants using all sorts of stats and stuff. As indicated by Mrs E you should be OK: £90 per month Yeovil-Pompey, about 80 miles? Therefore Plymouth-Ashford, dunno, about 250 miles? So £250 + I suppose.

    Not taxed of course.

    If you get a Pompey base you should be able to 'tab' it :walk: :thumleft:
  20. Well that's reason to join 562 right there! Thanks for the advice.

    As for tabbing, would that not be yomping? Besides I rode my metal chariot into battle not mk1 boot! Can't even remember the last time I did a CFT thanks to my medic course!

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