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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by F.T.D, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. This may be of interest to anyone regularly shafted for extortionate bank charges. Its a gen article if you want more info got united mad website but heres a link to bbc article about it. Fill your boots people :lol:
  2. This was featured on the Money Programme on BBC2 last night - one woman got £4,600 back in unfair charges.

    For more information see also Moneysavingexpert. A great site with loads of tips for saving money.
  3. I'm currently starting the process of trying to recliam my charges. If you check out Martins Money Saving Tips on google it will take you to the site where you can download templates of all the letters you need to send etc. Bloody banks they are driving me crazy right now!
  4. BANKS[/b]

    Money making RIP OFF load of scum bags.

    Fancy being charged to draw out your own money. Then we had that one while back who I shall not name but they merged with a black horse.

    If you keep hundred quid in your account you will not pay charges. How million is that a month gaining interest. Until the other banks kicked it all in touch then they followed.

    Remember the sign that stated this counter for withdrawls of five hundred pounds and more.

    Pointed out why not just put labels on the customers please rob me I have just withdrawn lots of money. But Sir that is for people who want cheques. It was taken down!!!
  5. We're all pretty much aware that these are Banks, not Charities, but somewhere down the line they seem to have perfected the art of hidden charges, small print and the two-fingers in the air approach to the average joe in the street. As long as their profit margin is in the hundreds of millions - why should they care?

  6. Look someone has got to pay for the directors champers at chistmas..... :roll:

    and it is us :evil:
  7. As we approach the cashless society the modern bank appears hell bent on making sure they get your money from charges before you can waste it down the pub or on women!!
  8. One word of caution (being a lawyer!) - its not as straightforward as it seems! I get the impression (I may well be wrong!) these cases have been successful because the banks have not bothered to reply to the claim and the Claimants have obtained 'Judgment in Default' - i.e they've won their case because the banks haven't been a*sed to reply.

    When u sign a written document (i.e account application forms aka 'small print') u are bound by its terms even if you haven't read any of it. Therefore the banks will soon start winning their cases once they've got wind of what people are up to.

    Having said that, if you're planning to sue - good luck!

    Then again, u could always store your money underneath your matress instead!
  9. Darkshadeofblu you are as bad as the banks if you think that spending money down the pub or on women is a waste! Shame on you!
  10. If you goto there is all the help you need.
    They have recovered loads of money as you will see on the right hand side of their homepage.

    A mate of mine is following their help (it's a not-for-profit group) so I think it's all cosher.
  11. No quite true Davy the banks have not tried to defend these cases as they are in the picture regarding the charges i.e. they know the charges are illegal and do not represent a fair tariff, proportionate to the work involved to bounce a cheque or write a letter. If they did try and defend a case and lost imagine the flood gates opening as they would then have to re-pay
    all customers( at the moment all they are paying is the one's who will be bothered to complain.
    Good luck to anybody and if you don't complain your a mug

    Count me in Buffer I will be writing to them.
  12. As I understand it the fact that we agreed to the terms and conditions of the account is neither here or there. The banks are being charged under contract law, that any charge levied should not exceed the cost of the breach.

    A panel of experts on the BBC Money programme suggested that taking into account all the costs of producing the letter, paper, postage, computer processing time the highest figure they could coem up with was £4.50.

    This may be the reason the banks have yet to have their day in court as they would need to show that their charges for sending us the letter etc were fair and reasonable, and may lead them to being forced to disclose these costs - probably not what they would do from a commercial stanpoint. Also if they lost they would be forced to reduce their charges losing them money and open themselves up for more claims.

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