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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by andym, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. cool,........
    just phoned my Mum................ will get her set up next time im there
  2. hi
    i found rearly good I paid £10 for about 180days worth of free calls to land lines, discounted calls to moblies and txt's.
    hope this helps
  3. If you and whoever you want to call both have PC's, then I would suggest a little program called TEAMSPEAK.
    It is used by online gamers all over the world, it is FREE and easy to set up and use.
    Just google it if interested ;)
  4. There are plenty of Free VOIP setups on the Net,Skype for instance.
  5. erm, exactly!

    I mentioned TS because I have experience of it.
    Personally I use Ventrilo, but you have to pay for a server which is why I didn't mention it.
  6. LOL no worry shippers.So what games do you play then?
  7. Only BF2
  8. BF2?Auf Englisch bitte.
  9. Lol, not a gamer then Andy? :D
    Battlefield2 mate :)

    go on youtube and do a search to see what its like if you're interested :)
  10. Im more of an Old style Strategy gamer and into simulators as well.
  11. Ahh, like C&C type stuff?
  12. Ahh, got ya now!
    Cool, I suppose those type of games would work well on Laptops when on deployments etc, never really got into them myself though.

    I'm a member of TriServiceGamers Clan, we play most nights and as i'm on the sick with PVL at the moment, it gets rid of the hours of an evening when i'm not on here :)

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