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I have been sent a note from Endeavour Press that once again they are putting up some free Kindle books. The first will be available only until Sunday and the second until Tuesday

Endeavour has two Easter treats to give away this weekend. 'Raffles:The Gentleman Thief', Richard Foreman's brilliant re-creation of the clasicrogue, is free on Kindle until Sunday night.

And Stewart King's darkly comic take on the state of the publihsing industry'Download:The Killer e-book' is free on Kindle until Tuesday. Don't worry, it won'treally eat your Kindle!

Among our new releases, don't miss 'Freedom:The Sequel to Slave' by Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis. It is the harrowingstory of Mende's journey back to Sundan to find the family she lost when she wastaken into captivity. It is an incredibly moving story.

And 'HowTo Beat Cancer' by Karol Sikora is the invaulable guide to coping with thedisease by one of the world's leading cancer specialists.

Congratulations to Richard Freeman for topping the naval history charts with'AClose Run Thing', his incisive history of the Navy in the Falklandswar.

Have a great Easter.
Get going and load up your Kindle with more free stuff.

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