Free Holiday for disabled Vets

My wife came across this on moneysavingexpert

''Have you been physically disabled while serving in the British Armed Forces?

Then we’d like to give you a break.

In partnership with the Royal British Legion, Vitalise invites you to enjoy an absolutely free seaside holiday at one of our accessible holiday centres.

24-hour care is available and you can bring a friend, partner or carer for free too.''

Here's the link to the site if you want any further details:

'Vitalise' specialise in holidays for disabled people with a wide range of disabilities. I don't know the company myself. I would imagine this applies to veterans of any age, but they must have become disabled while serving in the Forces.
I hope it'll help any disabled veterans get a holiday, who may not otherwise get a break. As with any golden opportunity, it's best to apply for this asap before demand outruns supply.
Superb, this kind of generosity should be publicised wider as an example to be followed (concessions for war disabled). This is one thing the Yanks are excellent at to be honest.
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