Free driving test and licence as a recruitment tool


Lantern Swinger
As a short term incentive to fill undermanned branches why does the RN not offer free driving lessons test and licence to required branches on completion of trade training, this would surely increase the available pool from the obviously hard pressed AFCO staff to get us (in my case AET`s) to join up.

1. Agree to proposition.
2. Promote the offer.
3. Utilise the ratings standard learning credits as a contribution.
4. Hey, we have a happier better trained workforce, **** me that's Investors in People sorted this year.


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Pusser offered me a Life of Adventure and a time of a Life time visiting all manner of Exotic places in the World!!!!

What did i get?Haslar and HMS Mercury Sickbay!!!!!!So it worked for me!


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Personally I think CopenhagenCup has an excellent idea, in principle, with regard recruiting incentives for shortage categories.

AET, (one of the highest RT scores required to enter), normally a problem area because of the required score, doesn't currently have a problem - there's over a 6 month's wait to enter at the moment - oddly!

But for shortage category branches, it may well be an incentive- were it not for the fact that we would be accused of recruiting people under false pretences.

I honestly don't know the correct answer, but I certainly know the problem with regard recruiting.
Its all very well throwing stuff at them to get them in the door, but as soon as the reality hits, they'll be straight back out again, just as they are today.