free coach trip to london

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wompingwillow, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. No Trident/ Troops out of Iraq
    National Demonstration
    Assemble 12 noon, Speakers' Corner.
    Rally in Trafalgar Square. Organised by CND and Stop the War Coalition.

    They are running coaches from here with a suggested donation of £10 I suggest I just get the coach and go out on the piss in London for a for a few hours,

    Coaches running from all over the country book now
  2. £12 from Pompey !!!!, do you think they would accept a out of date Pussers coach card for a bigger discount... :lol: :lol:
  3. I hate the way that campaigners can't focus on a single cause. The stop the war/free lebanon/legalise dope/ban nuclear power/anti-trident/free milk for schools/ban flying/anti-monarchy/no animal testing/save the wales coalition as it seems to be, doesn't come with the option to show opposition to one topic.

    They would be so much more productive if they actually took a reasoned stance on a single issue rather than just being a bunch of angry anti-establishment 'activists'. Might also help if they had any credible arguments.

    Troops out of Iraq? I'm sure we'd all love to support that, but the job's not done there yet (despite our boys and girls doing a great job themselves) and are we meant to just pull out and leave a country we have some considerable responsibility for to degenerate into complete chaos?
  4. Phew, now thats one BIG T-shirt :D
  6. Didn`t he say save the WALES coalition?

    Bollocks let the Welsh twats rot.
  7. oh cr*p. I did as well. Maybe that one will crop up once Prince Harry is installed in Basra!?
  8. And of course the special one that all crusties like

    "BAN SOAP" [especially when mixed with hot water!]
  9. I hope this isn't serious, if it is, you are on the wrong site :evil:
  10. You two ARE joking, right?
  11. Who two?
  12. You and LTCOOTB.
  13. No, not joking at all. Why would a member of the armed forces want to demonstrate about weapons that safguard us and go on an nati war protest? Most of us have had run ins with CND style protesterd over the years, they are a pain. War is what we do, where would the military be without war? Our duty is to do what we are told by our leaders and if that is war then that is what we do. Anyone who joins the forces with an anti war mentality has issues.
    The demonstartion/sit in/ dirty protest mentality has no place on a military site unless it was a wind up and in that case, nice one.
  14. Folks , I think the intent of the original post was intended as light hearted and went along the lines of this.... hey everyone do you want a free trip to London and to waste some anti war money to boot. CND or tree huggers Inc, whoever is running a free bus to London for a demo lets gate crash it and instead of going on the protest use the money saved to get p!ssed.

    Get it? Somewhat lame joke but hope you now get the idea. More seriously, all service personnel understand their responsibility to go to war if called. Sometimes it may be to defend the right of CND to protest.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some need to read Womps post again, She is suggeting that by taking up the free transport offer your get a free ride to the Smoke and then go your own way, nothing about going to the demo.

    As an extra bonus, by doing this you would be costing the antis money (obvously you wouldn't give a donation), and reducing the number of antis that can go.

    Good one Womps :razz: :cool:
  16. Thank you Phil and especially Janner, I hope Ling and Cat get it now :D
  17. No, I am still enraged at Hanoi Jane grrrr
  18. I really do hope womps ment ''take advantage of a free trip to London'' and not join in the demo_Otherwise she is about to start WW3 on this site.
    I wait with bated breath ,my beers are in the fridge , my fags are prepped , and I have the list of names of all off the lads I know that have been killed in Iraq ,in the attempt to free/rebuild Iraq.
  19. 100% what I meant ...didn't realise it would be that hard to get!

    I had a friend who used to catch the CND protest bus to faslane once a month to go and see her chap when he was drafted up there

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