War Hero
Mornin' all.

Been wandering around this site for a bit, doing my joining routine, finding the laundry etc. so by way of introduction I thought I'd put on a cyber-barrel at 1200 in the mess.

I haven't been able to arrange any big eats, so if you're hungry you'll have to sneak into watchkeepers' scran.

See you later :eek:ccasion5:


War Hero
Stripey_G said:
Cheers for the beer Ballistic, be round at 1200.....what about the RUM!!!

Welcome... :thumright: :thumright:
have to be 1100hrs oppo for "up spirits" :salut: :thumright:


War Hero
Not too late but...Tiger?

Brings back memories...OK, I'll see what I can do but what's wrong with CSB?

Ah! Just noticed your location 8)
The Chiefs Mess Social Sec on the Fearless would call a raffle ticket serial number. Every week someone thought they'd won - normally a docky or other civvy.

CSB please.