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Lantern Swinger
Why would you want to go into a pub that doesn`t want you ?
Far better off to make a list of all these places and take your spending money elsewhere.


No. We're all ********* and trash everywhere, I wouldn't let us in either.


War Hero
Super Moderator
If someone agrees with you will you stop posting this on every thread (and I prefer a pub that doesn't like servicemen, less chance of bumping into a crab).


War Hero
It's true our forces have died for the freedoms we enjoy now, like running a private business and having the right to decide who we serve. It's unfair and maybe morally dubious. But it's not wrong.


It is wrong! They couldnt say were not serving 'blacks' or 'jews' or 'dissabled people' ect.

Its not wrong to target an individual for any reason, but to target a group is totally wrong.

I get turned away in Exeter when im with my wife and were out together because the door staff recognise me as being forces. I've never had a fight in the county let alone exeter. But im still bared from entry because of my job!


Ban Pubs and Clubs From Discriminating Against Armed Forces - e-petitions



To be perfectly honest I have never been refused entry to a pub/club for being a serviceman ... probably because I don't big it up by flashing my ID card as proof of age etc and gobbing off, when shiters and trying to get in a pub/club, about being in the forces.

I have to say that I don't know anyone who has either. How do these pubs/clubs know that you re in the services anyway?

Because I come from a town where there are many forces, you dont have to be in the forces you just have to look like you might be.

Short back and sides
smartly dressed
big shoulders and small legs
If you have a military tattoo you stand no chance (still serving or not)
Different accent than the local one
lack of peircings
clean shaven....


Sounds like a load of old bum gravy to me, pubs, bars and nightclubs turn away large groups of blokes regardless of what they do for a living.

I've never known nor heard of it anywhere apart from for the above reason which is fair enough. It all seems a bit like that bollocks with Travelodge and the Id card.


Dont take my word for it!

Quote from an article in the express and echo....

A representative of Arena nightclub said: "It is company policy not to let Marines in."
When we contacted the Old Firehouse, we were told that Marines would probably be turned away.
Club Rococo staff said they "allowed Marines in on a Friday".
City pubs appeared to be more welcoming with Walkabout, Chevalier, Black Horse, the Ship, Angel, The Mint and the Monkey Suit going on record to say they would welcome well-behaved Marines.
But Mrs Curley said this should "not even be an issue" and that Exeter should be proud of its servicemen.
She said: "I have experienced the discrimination first-hand on many occasions. After my son's christening some of the lads went to one of the pubs to have a drink. Everyone was dressed in shirt and tie looking very smart but were refused entry. When Stephen passed out we went to a pub with his mother and brother and were refused entry on the basis he was a Royal Marine.


War Hero
Super Moderator
Just don't use those pubs, they're the ones losing trade so **** 'em. I can't see what a petition is going to achieve TBH as, when all is said and done, the management have the right to refuse entry to anyone they deem fit.


Just don't use those pubs, they're the ones losing trade so **** 'em. I can't see what a petition is going to achieve TBH as, when all is said and done, the management have the right to refuse entry to anyone they deem fit.

So are you saying it would be legal for them to say "no black people"


Lantern Swinger
I think that one is racism as well.

Basically, if they don't want forces people allowed in, there's nothing you can do about that other than take your custom elsewhere.


Yes it is, well hopfully what this will achieve is a law that says it is illegal to discriminate against somebdy because of the job he/she does.
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