Free beer (for one day only!)


D'you hear there?

Today is my 70th birthday, so I'm offering free beer to any RR shippers who would like to join me this evening! You will find me in the Lithos Bar and Grill, in the postcode district of 7040 in Cyprus!

That is all :cool:


War Hero
Bugger that Irish chap just cancelled my flight to Cyprus, are well never mind, happy birthday, a target for us youngsters to achieve.
D'you hear there?

Today is my 70th birthday, so I'm offering free beer to any RR shippers who would like to join me this evening! You will find me in the Lithos Bar and Grill, in the postcode district of 7040 in Cyprus!

That is all :cool:
Happy Birthday youngster. Many more ahead of You I hope. Tempting offer, but Im in Malaysia. Still.. Free Beer...;)


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I'm stuck in Cornwall but I'll give my brother-in-law a call as he lives in Cyprus. He's always first in the queue if it's free beer or someone else is buying.

He's an ex-crab so once he's got his free wet you'll have someone to rip the shite out of.

Happy birthday :)


War Hero
Happy belated Birthday oh crusty one. I used to have a place just outside
Protaras, but sadly no more otherwise I'd be there already and not doing
shiftwork for a living.
I hope you had a good one and may you have plenty more.

I'll be round for Mismusters laters...:cool:
...and a cracking mismuster was had by Mr & Mrs Bob when we teamed up with Mr & Mrs @skyvet at yon Lithos Bar last Wednesday during our 10 day Holiday at the other end of 'another South Island'.

Had a happy time, the lamps are probably still swinging - Last time I ermm, 'saw' skyvet was when he was fell in with best bib 'n tucker among the throngs on Parade at St. Vincent in June of '63.

Moi? Freshly back from Mauritius, bronzee-bronzee, attending in civvies with parents to witness the Passing Out of my young Bro. who was six months ahead of young skyvet ATT.

Smallee World, eh?

BZ & VMT for everything, a longer e-mail will follow so cheerio for now, but see you two again next year PG.

Bob L
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