Free beer and kebabs here!

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Right, now I have your attention.

Welcome to the RM forum. I will be your moderator for the day and fire exits are located over there somewhere. I'm a Pongo, please don't hold it against me but if you do I couldn't give a toss.

No rules in here just guidelines.

I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs but personal security and operational security should be paramount. Loose talk costs lives etc etc.

No real names please and if it's a personal bunfight with another member you want then please take it to private messages. I don't care about swearing in your posts but would appreciate you "masking" it ie: use fcuk cnut etc, mainly because it fools swear filters.

I may delete or move posts without any warning, if I have done then you will have a fair idea of why. If you want to dispute it then get your backside down to the citizens advice bureau, they will care more than me.

Now, how about getting around your mates and telling them about the site, we need a stronger presence here. I appreciate that back to back op tours make for little internet time but the sundodgers and other moving targets are growing rapidly and may require beating down. I know that this would normally only take one man to do but there is always strength in numbers.

Enjoy the site.


Fly Army, Sail Navy, Eat Crab.
Not open for further replies.

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