FREE Access to WWI Service Records.


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Trace ancestors' WWI achievements for free Online, from Thursday 10th November until Sunday 13th November.

Free access to thousands of First World War service records, where you can trace ancestors' wartime achievements or read the exploits of famous names such as Harold Macmillan, Noel Coward and Harry Patch.

Visit the Ancestry military page and select an archive to search. During the offer period you only have to enter a name and an email address. No payment details are required (when the offer ends, you just won't be able to view the records, you don't pay anything).




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Be warned, your man may not be there. Many WW1 records were lost in the Blitz, to fire and then the water used for firefighting. However enough have survived for it to be worth looking, and the basic medal issue index cards did survive, and often have supplementary info on them.
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