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Discussion in 'History' started by sweetpea, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. Just a polite heads-up....

    FindMyPast is giving free access to over 65 million military records to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.
    From 9am on Monday 27 June until 11.59pm on Monday 4 July, users will be able to explore all records in the site’s Military, Armed Forces & Conflict category without having to purchase credits or a subscription.
    The genealogy site will also be offering free access to its entire British & Irish census collection.



    Hope this is of interest to some.


  2. Will have a look. Had major problem trying to stop money going out when I signed up at
    and I am still trying to get back 6 months subs charges!
  3. Very sorry to hear that Billy. I've never used the forces-war-records website, I use Ancestry and I've never encountered any problems with them.
    I did however have the same problem with SKY, I cancelled my movie subscription yet they continued to take the monthly payment from my direct debit. After writing letters and making telephone calls to them, only to be ignored, I wrote and requested the help of my MP, and he duly obliged. He kindly wrote a letter to SKY on official House of Commons headed paper, asking them to explain themselves. Within days the problem was resolved, I received a phone call from the head honcho at SKY with an apology, I also received a full refund plus a very special offer for the movie channels for 12 months, to be activated whenever I wished. It worked out that I actually paid for 4 months subscription over a 12 month period.
    A letter sent on the House of Commons headed paper works wonders! ;)

  4. Uumm I wonder if you can by that, for special occasions?
  5. Bank has now refunded all payments i.a.w. their obligations. Now waiting for the actual site to get in touch when someone realises that the D/D has been stopped.
    I was constantly getting "unable to obtain a secure connection" from the website so I contacted my bank who agreed to do the refund pending further investigation. All a bit odd as I did not agree to a rolling monthly subscription in the first place.
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  6. That bloody Forces War Records site said that there was a free weekend, which never materialised, but after many emails they gave me around half a days free access, and then kept pestering me to sign up with them.
    I fired off a message saying that I thought their so called free weekend was a cheap trick, using the men who paid the ultimate price, as an advertising ploy.
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  7. The site seems to be legit, but it's a pain in the arse.


    When subscribing - ALWAYS look for a box somewhere that mentions something like a rolling subscription - month on month. Tick or Untick this as necessary if you're just taking advantage of a so called "special ******* offer", otherwise they'll keep on swiping cash from whatever method of payment you opted for when you went through the registration process.

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  8. SP, it wouldn't accept my enquiry about a chap that served in the RN (HO).
  9. Onions, I did a couple of searches on the Find My Past website last night for my ancestors records (which I already have) to see how their search engine functioned, and to see what results it would throw my way. I'm not used to the Find My Past website so nothing quite flowed and I was disappointed with the lack of results.
    I'm going to give it another try this evening - if you like, I can search the records on Ancestry for your chap, just drop me a PM with a few details.....or you could give Find My Past another go. :)

    @BillyNoMates and to all concerned: The Site is legit. Whenever I post a thread on RR stating Free Access with no subscription required, it is as I have stated, free. I would never point anyone towards being conned.
    I appreciate that there are many Ancestry websites out there that offer free access, but you'll find that as you are filling in their online registration form a request for your banking details pops up, when this occurs, decline and and run for the hills! :D

    BNM, I know that you were not implying that I would post a link to a site that wasn't legit. :)

    Good luck with researching one and all!

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  10. Sorry my dear. I was referring only to forces-war-records and was in no way
    casting any doubt on your original post.
  11. QUOTE="BillyNoMates, post: 1335782, member: 4452"]Sorry my dear. I was referring only to forces-war-records and was in no way
    casting any doubt on your original post.[/QUOTE]

    I know. :) Too many ancestry site, all jumping on the bandwagon to make a fast buck.

    BTW, I'm stalking you! :p

    SP. x
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  12. Oi :mad:
  13. Ooops. :eek: I'm stalking you too Wrecks!
    I've never stopped stalking you, and I'll always stalk you! :D

    SP. x
  14. Green eyed monster back in his cage ;)
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  15. I know. :) Too many ancestry site, all jumping on the bandwagon to make a fast buck.

    BTW, I'm stalking you! :p

    SP. x[/QUOTE]
    Billy you've cracked it, all you need is a memory boost to remember what to do?
  16. I have never been stalked before. Done a bit of stalking myself though. The binoculars are on the other foot now.
  17. Clear stern arcs regularly, to make sure you do not lose your stalker, slow down if required?
  18. Your supposed to look through them, you doughnut. They make crap flip flops (allegedly!!)
  19. Get a room! :D
  20. Billy has to remember these things, don't give him tips:oops:
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