Frederick Lewis GRAHAM K/40547

Discussion in 'History' started by afcbsimon, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Wondering if anyone can help clear up a query on the death of a Frederick Lewis GRAHAM.

    Service number was K/40547

    According to the CWGC site he was a Stoker 2nd class and he died on 26th March 1917. His unit at the time was HMS Vivid II

    Looking for cause of death or any other information on this Seaman.

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  3. The information you want is probably recorded on the death certificate. The death of 'Fred Graham' aged 39 was recorded in Mar 1917 in Devonport on page 623 of Vol 5b. Assuming you are not in Guz, you can order the certificate online.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you sure that you have his official number right?
  5. Thanks for all the replies.

    I got the service number from the CWGC site so I presume that is correct.

    The link to the NA page, will this record show the cause of death? Just wondering as £3.50 will be cheaper than ordering the death cert.

  6. You are correct Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport
    GRAHAM, Frederick L, Stoker 2c, K 40547, illness
    MCMASTER, Angus, Ordinary Seaman, J 66517, illness
    O’BRIEN, Jeremiah, Leading Stoker, K 18383, illness
    ROBERTSON, John, Ordinary Seaman, J 66627, illness
  7. Thanks Scouse.

    All 4 men died on 26th March 1917 from 'illness'.

    Hmmmm, wonder what that was then, intriguing. Guess I will have to order the death cert for the type of illness.

    Frederick Lewis Graham was my Great, Great Grandfather and just stumbled upon his death date while fishing through some paperwork for my Mother and thought I'd try and find a little info on him.

  8. Simon

    I would take a look at the NA link if I were you. It may well not tell you about the illness; however, that section of the National Archives contains Royal Navy service records for Ratings during this period, so you may discover other interesting things about him. If you are putting together a broader picture of him, it would be nice to read about where he served and so on and how his career began for instance.
  9. Just downloaded the page from the NA.

    It states he died from Pneumonia and Heart Failure (hope it is'nt hereditary!)

    Elsewhere on the page it states the following:-

    Date and period of Engagements - 1 FEB 1917 - Hostilities - From this can I assume that he had only just been called up 6 weeks before he died?

    FORMERLY R.N.V.R then looks like a V, X or Y 20326

  10. I agree with Soleil - I recommend that you download Frederick Lewis Graham's service record from the link provided - if Frederick was admitted to hospital due to his illness, it should be recorded in the documents. Fredericks Service Record will prove to be of more interest than his death certificate. The death certificate will only record place, date and cause of death, however, for the price of £3.50, all this information should be recorded in his Service Record along with his full service details.

  11. Regarding the information given: Date and period of Engagements - 1 FEB 1917 - Hostilities, I am not sure, however, the mention of hostilities usually refers to the servicemans first day in the Theatre of War, and not the day he joined up.

    Fredericks Service Record states that he had previously served in the RNVR, therefore, if his RNVR service is not included in the Service Record that you obtained earlier from the National Archives, there should be documentation regarding his Service with the RNVR at the National Archives, or failing that, his RNVR Service Record may well be found at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

    The Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) was formed in June 1903 by the ‘Naval Forces Act 1903’. Volunteers joining the RNVR agreed to serve ‘either ashore or afloat’ and consequently performed a wide range of duties. On joining the RNVR, men were assigned to divisions and allocated service numbers prefixed by a ‘distinguishing letter’ indicating the division they had entered. With the outbreak of war in August 1914, volunteers reported to their divisional headquarters. Some men were drafted into ships of the fleet, but many were ordered - together with reservists from the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Fleet Reserve - to join the Royal Naval Division.

    FAA Museum & Research link: Centre for Naval Aviation Records & Research- Fleet Air Arm Museum

    RNVR Records at the NA: The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Service Records

    From the Medal Rolls:

    Name: Frederick L Graham.
    Medal Award: British War Medal.
    Service Year: 1914-1920.
    Service Location: Europe.
    Campaign/Service: WWI.
    Service No. K 40547.

    Original image, right click to save to your own PC.


    Hope this information helps.

  12. Cheers for the info SP. I will certainly look into his RNVR service record.


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