Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by stan_the_man, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. My best mate Fred commited suicide 15 years ago, we served together on Bristol in 77-79 always kept in touch and he was best man at my wedding in 1978, he was impulsive, intelligent and probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met, a Glaswegian from Paisley he was hard as fcuking nails but never ever got violent unless there was no other way to avoid it. A week before he commited suicide he came down to Cornwall with his girlfriend having just returned from Saudi were he was working as an offshore diver, he seemed happy and never in a million years would I have imagined that 2 weeks later he would hang himself, fcuk me we talked and talked about life and shit but why didn't he talk to me about his mental health. Does my head in, if before he had thrown himself down the stairs with the rope round his neck he would have rung me I'm sure he would be alive today, lovely lovely man and I miss him dearly. Watch your mates guys I missed the signs.
  2. Such a massive question Stan, i think the same...A mate called me to play football on the field, we went, had a laugh, he spoke about life and his 'future'.

    Two hours later he is found dead...He took an overdose of pills and died in his bed with a note or two.

    All i can say from that experience, as long as we are there for our mates when they call, we cannot do much more.
  3. True but he really fcuked me off cos he didn't realise how much I missed him
  4. No you didn't he never gave you any, because talking from experience if you're really serious about doing it there aren't any.
    Not to many months ago I stuck the business end of 577/45 in my mouth and pulled the trigger, I am still about due to a misfire.
    And I was still writing posts on RR at the time.
    My missus found me on the lawn laughing as I thought it pretty fuckin funny that the latest in a line of black luck wouldn't even let me bail out.
    Now I cannot even believe I had the bottle to do it, I couldn't now.
    Fuckin bad luck lads.:laughing2:
  5. That's some serious shit there Rummers but your right about the signs. A chap I knew took his own life the day before he went outside, I was talking to him a couple of months beforehand, he asked me to keep an eye out for his boy who had just joined up (I was at Raleigh at the time). Said he was looking forward to civvy street and was happy as larry. His wife had no idea there were any problems.
  6. Rummers I'm a coward wanted to pull the trigger so many times but never wanted to put my family through the grief, Fred was a twat he should have talked to me cos I bear the blunt of the blame now not fair!!!
  7. To be honest the probs I had were what most people in normal circumstances would take in there stride as would I but in terms of how you feel its like an accumulation of minor offences nothing specific, just too much at one time and no real core problems.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You shouldn't blame yourself. I've had a few of my muckers top themselves and the signs were not there. What the **** can you do? Remember them for what they were, not for what they ended up as. War is hell my friend as all who have been there know.
  9. I was NOT brave Stan,.....desperate in a way I never want to be again or wish on any other except perhaps the prison officer who live opposite. Except I would like the privilege of killing him.
  10. I had considered it after I attacked the chav a few years ago to save mankind from what my delusional side was ordering me to do.
    Round about the time in 06 when I joined RR.
  11. Had a guy on my last ship was leaving the service and took his own life. Left a wife and kids behind. All onboard who knew him wondered if we missed something, he seemed so happy to be going and already had a job sorted out. Still feel I should have known there was something wrong as I have been close to it myself.
    Stan, there was nothing you could do, he had made the decision before he last saw you, that's why he was so happy. Don't let it burn you up

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