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Fraser Gunnery Range (fmr HMS St George)

Yeah Qinetiq say the local council are being obstructive. The plan now is to return the Fraser site to "employment use" not sure if Q will keep hold of it though.

Rups the dog is still there, he's even got his on gravestone, the centrepiece of the roundabout.
Yes the fllet photographic unit was also at Fraser. When the guns were firing our enlargers shook and we could not get a sharp print. It features in Cockleshell heros in the background when they are practising their canoe technique.
I was a photographer at the Fleet Photographic Unit at Fraser, In mid 1964. My service record shows HMS Excellent (not HMS St George) but I was a newly qualified Phot2, and had a short spell there before transferring to HMS Drake. It was exciting times!
while there, I also managed to sail one of the largest ‘Windfall Yachts’ (Marabu) that the RN relieved the Germans of at the end of WW2.

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