Fraser Gunnery Range (fmr HMS St George)

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by willsonline, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. hey don't know if any of you guys are old enough to remember a firing range down in Pompey at Eastney, known as Fraser Range?

    The place is still standing and the "new" owners of this site want to build 131 luxury flats in its place :crying: what a shame!

    Piccy Here:

    Red Sign:

    It has been reported in the local rag today that Qinetiq will force the council into legal action re: the access road, not quite sure what thats about though!

    A very atmospheric site, mind you! "Cold War-esque"
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Qinetic, not only sold off cheap, but in the process of making a fortune from selling all the land it bought off of the taxpayer.
    There are also plans in for the old Bincleaves site at Weymouth, you would have thought that the government would have sorted out the unwanted land and sold it off separately, or would that have been to sensible?
  3. I'm just a young'un, but the Government, do something sensible? Did one drink too much last night?
  4. Apparently Qinetiq is subject to a "Clawback" Agreement, whereby the MOD gets a cut of any profits made on assets/land sales.

    HofC answer here:

    this is bollox though as no mention of this has been made to any of sites which qinetiq are getting rid of, and there are many!!!
  6. Shortly followed by those pesky Sea Devils chasing Jon Pertwee and the lovely Jo Grant...
  7. Used to live down there, in the development by the Marina (not the patch). All I remember is the nudists dripping when Qinetiq first outlined their plans. They use the beach in front of the range and Qinetiq were attempting to shift them off.
    Before any of you non-pompey rates get any ideas that it may a good bracing walk to take should you be in the area in the summer, It is NOT pretty. Bodies on display with more wrinkles than the contents of a badly stowed flag locker.

    The Flats in the development would have a lovely seaview. From memory they would also need bloody good double glazing or a DC pump in winter to maintain the watertight integrity of the living room.
  8. Yes the fllet photographic unit was also at Fraser. When the guns were firing our enlargers shook and we could not get a sharp print. It features in Cockleshell heros in the background when they are practising their canoe technique.
  9. I was a SD officer who trained at HMS St George, and as far as I'm concerned they can have the bloody place! Beach runs from St George to Southsea Pier and back were sheer torture. The Chief GI handed them out for any slight infringement of the many rules. Still, it made a man of me! I think.
  10. Stand fast the duty watch
  11. 'kin ell! I'd all but forgotten about that place :elephant:

    Went there for half a day as part of my close range course and fired all of my HUGE allowance of Bofor 40/60 ammo (4 rounds of breakup).

    I remember seeing a Seacat launcher. I assumed it was there just for loading drills - surely here were no live firings?
  12. Was there as ships company in 76, LS(M)s course 79 and PO(M)s course in 83. Best time was ships company duties were a doddle and you even got to cook your own breakfast at the weekend. Ogle the nudists, fish in the pond by the mainmast and rounds of the range armed with a mighty pickaxe helve and a torch - but we did have Rupert to protect us.
    Did my Seacat aimers assesment in the domes in 73 as a Junior Seaman passed it even though I was left handed - ended up as 3 of the right on the Cherry B.
    Remember what the developers did to the old RM barracks at Eastney they made a mint just like the feckers will this time - just think what Whale Island would be worth theres been rumours around for years about sellng it.
  13. Rumours yes but now that the new headquarters is on Whale Island i doubt whether any of it will get sold...

    QinetiQ (ex-DERA) have now agreed to continue letting the nudists use the beach in front of the range, the council are happy and outline planning permission will move to the next stage...

    The site is rumoured to be worth £50m once redeveloped, according to the Guardian newspaper.
  14. Fraser was a dawdle on courses the culture shock came when you went to Cambridge did the Seacat dome (was crap) but ended up Seacat Controller on Gurkha.
  15. Yeah Qinetiq say the local council are being obstructive. The plan now is to return the Fraser site to "employment use" not sure if Q will keep hold of it though.

    Rups the dog is still there, he's even got his on gravestone, the centrepiece of the roundabout.

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