Frankie Boyle.....

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Stirling, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. ...on the box last night, one of many jokes he told.

    Glasgow and Las Vegas are to be twinned as they are the only places where you can use chips to buy sex.
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  2. I didn't know that.
    Do they have to have salt and vinegar on them?
    I'm not very cleaver, but I'm good at lifting things.:)

    An we gunna meatup be4 crimbo cus I feela need to traal.
  3. .......the Vegas joke came about as he was having a go at Prince Harry, 'What the **** is a ginger doing in a hot place like Vegas ?, he would get skin cancer from a crescent moon'
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  4. He's a frigging joke himself, prat makes a spectacle of himself all the time, an oxygen thief !
  5. Doubtfull, do not be fooled by my presence on here, life is back to being as black as it was 3 years ago.
  6. Real sorry to hear that, anything I can do to help?
  7. Teach him to sing 'Swanee river' ?
  8. He's saying he's ill as in another breakdown.
  9. Always enjoyed Frankie.

    Saw him live last year and watched in glee as he bullied a heckler to tears and counted over 20 people walking out in disgust.

    That's my kind of humour.
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  10. He's not a patch on Kevin Bridges.
  11. Fully concur. Would love to see him live.
  12. Its an opinion.
    Its wrong.
    But it is an opinion.
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  13. Then we must offer all the support we can give.
  14. Frankie Boyle , as about as funny as a case of herpes.
    And as just as irritating.
  15. So it's your opinion that my opinion is wrong?
  16. Here we go again ... Popcorn anyone???????????????
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  17. As requested

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  18. Oh yes he is, sorry couldnt think of a reasoned argument but I thought I'd keep the ball rolling
  19. Christ, christmas panto time already?
  20. Oh yes he is.

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