Frank advice required - submarine logistics officer role

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Orpheus, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, I'll provide a brief summary of affairs, which may or may not help provide some insight in the angle I'm approaching this from.

    I have been focused on serving in the armed forces for a number of years now, as an officer. Unfortunately, as a late developer in so many ways, I only reached this conclusion in my early(ish) twenties.

    Second point, I am living and working overseas, and will not be contractually available to leave until March 2011, by which point I will be 27 (and 4 months).

    Now, as I stated in the second paragraph, I would love to serve - but I'm not really 100% set on a single arm at the moment (although I've not considered the Air Force, and don't plan on doing so). I have been able to chat briefly to an Army careers adviser during vacations home, and pick up a whole load of reading materials. I'm interested mainly in the Infantry, possibly Intelligence or Cavalry if they think I'm just too old to run around at the age of 27.

    On the other hand, I've started to become more interested in the Navy, especially the submarine side of things. I'm far too old (or will be) for every other Naval job other than logistics it seems, which leads me to the real meat of the question.

    Although I wouldn't describe myself as an adrenaline-junkie or action-man, I am not the sedentary sort, I'm in the best physical condition of my life, and looking forward to being able to have a career in the armed forces doing something challenging.

    I am interested in submarines mainly for this challenge, but I would like to know what sort of opportunities are available to the Logistics Officer with drive? Is it possible to do the sort of courses available to those in other arms or branches of the service, i.e. can you do the commando/para courses, spend time deployed in sandy places on land etc; or are you likely to be 'counting beans' for 30 years until you retire, as a couple of other threads have indicated?

    Many thanks in advance for your patient, helpful responses!
  2. LOL a logistics Para trooper. So let me get this right you only want to be in logistics so u can be an officer! well thats the best attitude ive ever seen to become a member of the royal navy! Think about it do u want to be doing something you have no real interest in (as it seems) for years just so you get to wear a ring?
  3. Drebin, thanks for your reply, pity you didn't really read my post, or perhaps you skipped the last line.

    I clearly said I am interested in submarines for the challenge, and I am considering being an officer, because I enjoy the responsibility and additional challenge of leading others.

    If you've got nothing to add besides text-speak drivel, I'm sure there are plenty of other threads you can waste your time adding to. Cheers :)
  5. Also, not sure if there's much of a requirement for Para / Commando Submariner Supply Officer.
  6. Palitoy have already developed what your aspiring to be,
    They call it Action Man.
  7. Perhaps I should have put this thread somewhere where there are less idle cnuts dossing about...

    I mentioned the age, in regards to not being able to join the infantry, because that is the information that I received from the careers officer, and I am merely asking if Logistics officers occasionally get let out to do courses. Should have known nothing is as quite as simple as it could be, what with free speech on the internet.
  8. Alfacharlie, coming from an army background, its generally the case that the teeth arms (inf and cav) are reluctant to take anyone over the age of 25 after RMAS. Submarine logistics will take you to interesting places, although if you want a role that involves frequent trips to the sandpit, join the army instead of the RN. Another point of note is that the RN arent really into phys as much as the army. Apply for both, get on some fam visits, both army and RN, and see what happens.
  9. Clearly the above was mentioned in your first post hmm

    "I have been focused on serving in the armed forces for a number of years now, as an officer"

    oh and wish I could include the quote about the responibility and challenge of leading others but...

    Oh and obviously due to your head being so far up ur own arse you may have 'skipped' the underlying message in my post. That being if you join a branch in the RN that you have no interest in i.e Logistics you will find that very clever brain of yours struggling for stimulation and wishing you had thought about it that little bit harder.

    Yes ur interested in submarines but at the end of the day there is no job being a submarine
  10. Why on earth would I join a branch that I had no interest in? I merely said I wouldn't want to count beans for 30 years. You are jumping to rediculous conclusions, and frankly, as somebody who isn't serving, I'm not really interested in your uneducated opinions in this matter! Cheers!
  11. Spouting bollox as usual.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to the site.

    As an Officer aged 27, assuming you do not have a vocational degree, then it is indeed Hobsons choice with regard trades available in the Royal Navy, Army & Royal Air Force for those that do not seize the opportunity during the preceding ten years of eligibility immediately after taking A levels.

    The submarine service, whilst a potentially faster route to joining the service, currently have no envisaged requirement for a Commando qualified underwater logistics officer unless we wished someone to covertly supervise the re-supply Commando forces ashore by submarine insertion - unlikely in Afghanistan.

    There are Royal Marines Commando Officers serving in Commando Logistics & there are Naval personnel who are parachute trained as part of the rapid reaction submarine assistrance group, but again it's difficult to envisage why they would need to be a submarine & parachute trained logistics officer in the 'hands on' rescue role.

    There are also RN Training Management Officers who are Commando trained, but again a vocational qualification is required.

    The RMR, who can only be joined as untrained Other Ranks, permit Officer applicants up to the age of 30 from suitably qualified RMR recruits who have completed Phase 1A RMR training - however most RM Officers over the age of 26 upon joining are more likely to be employed in the support rather than frontline troop commander role.
  13. How do you who know who's serving Orpheus?
  14. Ridiculous its spelt RIDICULOUS whilst we are talking uneducated :wink:

    Glass houses and all that eh? If your spell checker is broken try a dictionary. :twisted:
  15. We don't trust officers to do anything other than what they are told to do.They are allowed out do to professional career courses. If that happens to enhance their ability to "count beans" then most definately. As for para/commando submariners, forget it.

    If you can't take a bit of stick or having the piss taken out of you, forget the navy, it's not for you.
  16. Seconded.
  17. Thanks for the helpful replies, much appreciated.

    Drakey, I love taking the piss as much as the next guy, but when I'm overseas, forums like this are the only quick source of information I have access to, so when I get a bunch of people who are civvies offering opinions on everything, I really couldn't give a monkeys for it!

    How do you who know who's serving Orpheus?

    Its pretty easy really, you click the little icon under their avatar, and you can see what posts they've written. When one of those posts reads 'I'm joining up in Feb 2010', you don't have to be particularly clever to work it out, which is good, because I"m not.

    Rumrat - yeah, I do the best I can with no spell-check on this computer, sometimes the odd word slips through the net!
  18. Thanks Ninja_Stoker, I do have an engineering degree, but its not the sort of engineering that would be of much use in the Navy, or indeed any arm I shouldn't think.

    I wasn't trying to imply that there was any need for Para-Commando-Karate-Submarine-Loggies, I just wanted to know if you got let out for some extra fun once in a while, and the opportunity to do something different, at least for a month or so, or are places on such courses strictly reserved for those who need them?

    Thanks for the info about the RMR route, interesting idea there.

  19. Now, that, would be class!

    Them courses are basically for the ones who need it as a requirement for their particular jobs. Not for just nice shiny badges and flashes etc.
  20. Aww Orphy have you been checking me out? im flattered!

    However I was offerring no advice on the RN itself only making sure you had thought through your decision on entry as it is a lasting one with very little opportunity to change once in. (trying to be helpful somewhere in there)

    Also as i said in my orginal post "As it seems" regarding the logistics role as it was the only one age wise you could join i.e. your only option to be a Officer

    For example would you have picked that over say Aircrew Officer or Warfare Officer?

    But as you say what do I know about you.

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