France v Argentina

Anyone else watching this firey little contest. If the ref doesn't sort them out there is gonna be an almighty punch-up soon :threaten:

Oh and the Argies are winning again :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
The Argies are all over the Frogs. We didn't play against them anything like as well!!

Not looking good for tomorrow unless they can step up a couple of gears!


Lantern Swinger
Understood that! But thanks for the comment!

It worries me that the other side of the draw appear to be so much better than our side of the draw!

France have scored! :judge:
So the French started a few subs, but the hit on Chabal was no joke, and Ibanez in the bin,so its not like they didn't want to win either. The Pumas can be justifiably proud of their place.
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