France in uproar over new employment laws!


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Rumour has it that an employer can dismiss some one under the age of 26 within a 24hr notice!

On Saturday hundreds of thousands across France took part in marches and rallies against the law, which makes it easier to dismiss young workers.

Clashes erupted in Paris late on Saturday, with masked demonstrators hurling projectiles at police and setting cars ablaze. Police responded with baton charges and tear gas.

French unions and students have decided to step up their campaign against the new labour law by holding a day of strikes and protests on 28 March.

The government insists it will not withdraw the measure, which it says will help reduce youth unemployment.

The government says the plan will encourage employers to hire young people, but students fear it will erode job stability in a country where more than 20% of 18- to 25-year-olds are unemployed.

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Regardless of what you think of the 'cheese eaters' any crap from their government and they make thier displeasure clear, what do us Brits do? Just whinge over our ale then roll over like good little plebs and accept it. The danger of being shafted frequently is that you may start to enjoy it.


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Yair, good one Finknottle. Push the frogs and you get a revolt. Whatever criticism there is about the snail munchers they wont take this kinda crap.
New industrial relations laws in Oz look like causing a bitta bovva too once they bite.Even better, a special visa allows employers here to import labour which they do as it's cheaper, industrial genocide I reckon and a return to the bad old days. Not a good sign,
Taz_786 said:
They're lazy barstewards who should spend more time working than rioting.

You are obviously still in the safe hands of the Andrew to come out with that statement.

In Civvy street these days the youngsters in the low end of the job market
are in a bad way---and thats in the UK . The immigrant workers from the EC countries are willing and able to fill any job --and they will take any wage offered --.
Apart from that private industry is there to make profit --Labour costs with the new UK laws and basic rate wages are a burden. Lots of automated machinery to replace workers. Management in those places at the moment almost hire and fire as required . The labour laws and even safety isn't really considered seriously.

It seems the French have attempted to make a law to bring them into line with what the UK and possibly other EC countries are doing already --within the law!

No wonder people would rather stay on the 'dole' . It saves the hassle of getting a job then losing it within a few months and having to go through the paperwork jungle again and again to be able to live.

Vote Labour There is almost as many state employed now as there are in
commerce .