France bans Muslim women from covering their faces.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by quimby, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. France will become the second country in Europe, after Belgium, to apply the ban, starting April 11.

    But officers have been ordered to apply the legislation with tact and diplomacy so as not inflame tensions, interior ministry guidelines leaked to the French press yesterday reveal.

    Under the new law, women who wear face-covering Muslim veils, including the niqab and burka, in "public places" in France face being fined £125 or ordered to follow citizenship classes, or both.

    The ban encompasses "the street and areas open to the public, as well as cinemas, restaurants, stations, public transport or schools". Veils must also be removed while driving, while crossing borders or taking part in official ceremonies to acquire French nationality.

    Husbands and fathers who force such veils on women and girls risk a year of prison and a £25,000 fine, with both penalties doubled if the victim is a minor.

    I applaud the French, there is no reason for anyone to cover their face unless they are up to no good, being oppressed or wearing it to antagonise. There is no chance of it being made law here with the lily- livered liberals we have in charge, mores the pity.
  2. Some of the ugly ******* walking around of late, I reckon a few more should cover up.
    It don't give the eyeball so much GBH.
  3. No reason apart from their beliefs. They're not all "oppressed" which is a very lily livered liberal phrase for a man like yourself to use. Most accept it as part of their faith.

    But you've probably never actually spoken to a Muslim so I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

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  4. Not that old chestnut 'its part of their faith'', well it isn't. The The Holy Qur'an states that women and men should dress modestly, there is no requirement to cover ones face.

    As for your comment about me never having spoken to a Muslim, is that really the best you can do?
  5. The Veil is only part of the Muslim faith inasmuch as some of it's believers have chosen in the dark distant past that women should wear it.There is nothing in the Koran thats specifies the wearing of the veil but it is believed that the Prophet Mohammed made his wives wear a veil to stop other men looking at them.
    Jesus never handed down a rig of the day so Christians are not bound by any such stories or traditions.
  6. I would say that the last paragraph of my original post covers that particular abuse of women very neatly.
  7. I've dealt with Muslims in the past at work, not as much these days though.
    I don't have a problem at all with face veils (or eq) just as I doubt I would have a problem dealing with someone who has a phobia of say; buses...or spiders....or even Muslims!

    You need to overcome your insecurity buddy; fear can breed nasty things...
  8. I reckon some of you bastards on here should wear hoods, I bet some of you are real mingers.
    I on the other hand am really essence,and feel sorry for you ugly *******.
    Being black I also have a big willy.
  9. I have been told by many that you are, indeed, the biggest dick on the net. Your screen name could be Biggus Dickus. ;-P

  10. Insecurity, now that's laughable. Recent polls show that the majority of Brits would not be in agreement with you on this one.
  11. Well usually they call me a big prick so I thought thats what they meant.
  12. Not got a problem with muslims myself. I disagree with the concept of having sharia law in this country but besides that I have no problem with people of the faith.
  13. On the subject.......try watching the film 'Four Lions'....the funniest film about suicide bombers you're ever likely to see....especially when they attempt to shoot down a Predator....Priceless.
  14. agree fully with any law that removes oppression (in this case one that has harsh penalties for men who force women to cover their face), just wondering if anyone can see the irony in punishing men for forcing the veil whilst telling law enforcement to force any women wearing one through personal preferemce to remove it.... surely 2 sides of the same coin.

    certainly in some environments a veil can be dangerous or abused, e.g. banks, and banning them from these locations i can understand, much like biker helmets cant be worn in said bank lobbys. but some random lass walking down the street? don’t see how we can claim her attire causes us too many problems other than less skirt to chase (which is regrettable admittedly.

    and to quimby i can think of many reasons for wearing burka's et al outside of oppression or being "up to no good", perhaps as a sign of religious belief like wearing a crucifix, or because it allows certain women who may not be used to such an open and welcoming society (on the most part...) a way to feel safer, or possibly because they feel its highly fashionable... id like to see the alternate universe where the burka arrived on our streets as a fashion symbol rather than a religious one, id put my life savings on that being accepted without a problem! either way i dont think its the governments job to advise me on dress or attire, barring perhaps telling me a minimum requirements to protect young children and old ladies (read into that second social groups mention however youd like :hump:)

    tl;dr? ....
    "stop being a douche, live and let live" :thumbup:
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2011
  15. I have no problem at all with the Muslim community being allowed Sharia Law. Lets face it perhaps many of them who are convicted of theft (including benefit fraud) would prefer that their right hand is removed rather than spend time in one of our luxurious prisons:-D
    Perhaps we could persuade some of the Chav population to convert to Islam as well.
  16. Ahhhhh Chavs....forgotten about those....still driving Vauxhall Nova's or have they moved onto something worse?.......the 'Hoons' here drive big old V8' 16!!!! Scary stuff
  17. I applaud the French, the problem i have is not Muslims, i have Muslim's just Islam as a whole.
    It has no place in western society...same goes for all monotheistic religions, and i'm sorry if that offends some people.
  18. Vauxhall Corsa's and Fiat Punto's now. I haven't seen a Nova SR in ages not that I had a red one for my first car or anything.
  19. I`ve never much liked the french..partley as they don`t seem to like us much.. but the fact is they don`t like anybody..not even themselves... I have to travel through France on my way to Spain and it has to be said they do seem to have a lot of common dogfcuk...
    Traveling on the moterways is a delight ...they never cruise the middle lane and lorrys are legaly bound not to tailgate....Transit hotels are plentiful and cheap with secure fences and adequate can travel the full lengh of France and not see a single cone...
    So I`m not surprised that they have done`s sensible...
    A couple of years ago as I sat outside a posh clothes shop in the Bullring waiting for the missus... a couple of ladies in full burka dress and handcuffed were brought out by the police and led away....well I say ladies but with just slits in the hood to see throgh they could have been anyone....
    I don`t think the Idea is to deny anyone their human rights but more to stop criminals using it as a disguise....

  20. Good to know that they are not as untouchable as they might think they are. The thing that sticks in my mind is them hiding behind their masks shouting foul abuse at the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment when they returned from Afghanistan. I have little doubt that if the government were to follow public opinion they would have to bring in the same law as France but when does government ever listen to those who elect them once they are in power, they are all limp liberals.

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