France admits arming Libyan rebels

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. France has become the first country inside the Nato alliance to confirm publicly it is providing arms directly to the Libyan rebels fighting Colonel Muammer Gaddafi, parachuting rocket launchers, assault rifles, and anti-tank missiles to groups fighting south of Tripoli, the capital.

    Full Story Here:

    Who knows into whose hands these weapons might fall, IMO it is a foolhardy step to take.
  2. Lets hope the French have also provided Ghadaffi with their stock of battle ensigns.........White cross on white background !
  3. Why am I not surprised. As long as the chickens go home to roost in France when it all goes pete tong.
  4. Would anyone be really surprised if the UK was to admit doing something similar.If we want the rebels to win and do it quickly we need to improve the odds in their favour.Seeing as our government got us involved we may as well try and bring it to a speedy conclusion before too many more people get killed.
  5. So Flags you are not the Yeoman who told me that was the Italian battle flag.
  6. I am afraid this governments plan to drop a few bombs and Gadhafi would scuttle off like a frightened rabbit have failed miserably, so the next step could well be that the British taxpayer will pay for weapons to be given into the hands of god knows who, this foray into the unknown is turning into a right f..k up but who is surprised.
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  7. Saw a TV report with some geezer holding what appeared to be an SA80. The poor buggers eh? Wonder who gave\sold him that?
  8. Them as well..............:slow:

  9. For those who didn't know; the Frog Naval Ensign was in fact a white flag for some time up to early 1800's I think. (can't be bothered to google it)

    Sums it up really
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