Frack off, or frack on.....that is the question.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Isnt a lot of it under Blackpool? Seems a no brainer DIG IT UP
  2. [​IMG] Get it done.
  3. Big thumbs up from me.

    Saw the fracking map on the TV last night and none under here.

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  4. Wytch Farm has been Fracking for years, and Bournemouth is the UK center for earth quakes, even worse than San Francisco NOT ​frack sorry crack on.
  5. Frack! Imagine if in the 1970s we'd said no thanks to North Sea Oil?
  6. Frack, (but not in my back yard...)
    Main issue in US was contamination of ground water which then got into domestic water supplies - I reckon this is not a concern for UK due to treatment / high quality of our drinking water. Or I might just be talking crap.
  7. I was going to start a thesis on the pro's and con's of fracking; the utilisation of our natual resources, cheap energy to support our economy, lessening the threat of Russian blackmail over our gas supplies......then I thought...........bollox.....
    ....If swampy and his matted haired oppos are against it......I'm for debate its off to the pub then !
  8. Where I live we have more ground water than you can shake a stick at......its contaminated 'cos its in fields, with cowshit, dead birds and stuff, and its been like that since Christmas, but no one seems concerned about it getting into the domestic water, I'll stick my neck out and're not talking crap.
    Crap is in the over worked antiquated sewage system that is also affected by flooding. If we have a thriving economy, which cheap energy would support, maybe we could 'invest' and 'update' these facilities.
  9. Yep - fracking=cheap gas, has to be good news for the economy, eh?
  10. Too frackin' right.......(well, if Mr Cameron says so.)
  11. If anyone thinks that frackin will lower the cost for the domestic consumer they should be taken away in the green van and more power to the naysayers as at the very least they get the polis out for some fresh air.
  12. It will lower the cost for the domestic consumer, it'll be about the same amount of massive savings you can get by switching suppliers now, 100 quidish pa, about the same amount that I spend on humbugs
  13. Won't make any difference in Scotland, Salmon is fracked anyways.
  14. Ha ha, did a politician tell you that?
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  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    RN (Rtd) wrote

    There is a lot of it about in connection with Hydraulic Fracturing.

    The US water contamination experience is due to poor well construction, not the fracturing process. 'Earthquakes' are no worse than those associated with coal mines or a fat twat tripping over their shoe laces but as coal miners were salt of the earth, flat cap wearing, Morning Star reading good eggs, nobody moaned about the slag heaps and home swallowing holes in the ground. Oil workers are all minted Audi owners, resentment among the right-on classes is high.

    The most difficult thing to sell about so-called 'fracking' may be the logistics and 24/7 disruption. The short term answer to energy demand ( energy is not just electricity) is to reduce demand.
  16. My sarcasm seems to have been too subtle, they? will tell you, long and loud, there will be savings,but they will be so small as to be insignificant, plus there will be some add on like fracking tax to wipe out any savings, I'll keep it to mono syllables in future
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  17. Id like the decision to be guided by science and engineering, like seismology, water quality analysis, ground radar etc. but seeing as they don't want to reveal the chemical constituents of fracking fluid for fear of their process being nicked by those who cannot do it yet, I suppose we'll have to make do with fear and superstition. Angry mob supplies .com are sold out of pitchforks.
  18. If successful shale gas production renders wind farms obsolete and more uneconomical than they already gets my vote. frack on.... :thumright:

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