Foyle's War

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by golden_rivet, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. ITV tonight 9pm :lol:
  2. Is it a new one?
  3. In the Observer telly guide it doesn't say its a repeat so hopefully it's new. Sorry not to be more certain :???:
  4. Brilliant, I don't miss an episode.
  5. Just seen an advert for it, its a new series :D
  6. As ever, bloody good: in my humble opinion, of course. Very clever how all the bits came together. I thought the Works Manager had a greater sinister role than how things developed. Just a petty criminal though, misappropriating a whip round.
  7. Next week's episode looks good bombs and the like !!! :smile:
  8. Oh no! It isn't being brought up to present day, is it?
  9. Excellent programme, but I was a bit perturbed when Foyle was taken for a tour of the big bang factory whilst still wearing his outdoor shoes, which are recognisable by the lovely clip clop noise they usually make.
    Anyone remember "Blakeys"?

  10. Not good in Doc Marten's if I remember right.

    What's Foyle's War about. Never watched it but it sounds interesting.
  11. Harry it's great - Prince Charles investigates crimes during WW2 in Hastings (Sussex) :wink:
  12. I think GR is taking de p*ss, Harry. Unless you watched "To Play the King" in the House of Cards trilogy that one would go over your head.

    Excellent second world war detective (Michael Kitchen), solves very involved cases in Hastings. Also stars the lovely Honeysuckle Weeks (well I would anyway!)
    Fourth series started Sunday, but each one is a separate story and the characters are easy enough to pick up. Worth a watch.

  13. Yes I was teasing Harry, thanks 2BM - have you noticed how he uses the mannerisms, sideways looks, one sided smile, cuff fiddling, cough to punctuate, pauses? I'm loving it :smile:
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ian Richardson RIP

  15. Thanks for the feedback guys and girls but, aye straight over me heed that one. Didn't watch the House of Cards thing either. Foyle's Law clashed with a showing of The day after tomorrow, which we had been meaning to watch all week. Will give it a try next week.
  16. I'll second that Sgt pepper. Ian Richardson will be greatly missed. Scary thing is he was the same age as me, but I do check the obit. page in Navy News every month, just to make sure I'm not in it.


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