Fourth Submarine Squadron,Australia, 1949-1969

For any submariner who did a commission with S/M 4 at HMAS Penguin in Sydney, on the 30 September 2007 a plaque will be unveiled at the base to commemorate the time the RN was stationed there. There will be a short un-veiling ceremony followed by a light meal and a few beers or such . It is hoped some form of record will be made and perhaps a DVD available for those unable to attend.
I have many happy memories of the time I spent there as I feel sure many others do . What a wonderful spot it was , HMAS Penguin , perched on some of the most expensive real estate in New South Wales . Happy days indeed .
There is also a book recently published , Down under - Down-under , written by a former submarine officer , Steve Jenner I believe . The book was put together as a record of the squadron but is a series of re-collections I understand with dits and phots and is not an official history or such. The book was published privately in Canada unfortunately and not available through any of the usual book stores.
Anyway , for what it's worth , this will perhaps serve the purpose of closure on the Squadron and provide former members with a lasting momento of what was really a unique experience for the many who settled Down Under.
BTW I believe it would be a good idea for someone from UK , ideally a former ex fourthy , to be present at the ceremony and if the idea is accepted but considered too expensive I will volunteer my services as an official rep to record the event for UK . I'm all heart that way . My expenses to be covered of course . This is an important part of submarine history for UK and Australia IMHO and should be made the most of.


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