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...and hose.

Are you, like Frogman_007 and plenty of others on RR, into rubber? Are you an ex-CMEM(M) with a nostalgic love of firefighting equipment? Are you an ex-RP looking to buy a new handbag? Do you want to promote sustainability and do your bit for the planet?

Well look no further! :lol: In 2005, when the London Fire Brigade and other firefighting services decommissioned their old fire hoses, designers Kresse Wesling and James 'Elvis' Henrit began working aparently worthless waste material destined for the landfill, turning them into unique accessories. for example:

Tote bag = £184.00

Classic washbag = £56.50

West End Belt = £41.00

iPad case = £70.00

Candlestick holders = £78.50

Elvis and Kresse
Oh so pricey! :eek:mg: Keep an eye on the Navy News for when the next time a ship will visit 'Anytown etc', open to visitors and blag your own fire fittings/hoses etc. At least that's what they did in Liverpool in days gone by......:compress:
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