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Hello all, firstly I would like to apologise, I am an ex pongo using your site.
Seriously though, my grandfather has recently passed away, I am looking for a decent image of a Fouled Anchor. I have a nice sized Globe and Laurel, the reason I need these images is that I wish to take them to a florist to see if they can do a decent floral tribute for an old booty "crossing the line".
I would appreciate any help you good people can offer.
The old fella served on Ajax during the war, unfortunately we have just received a call from the florist. The b i tch has let us down, too busy waffle waffle. So off we go to another florist, problem is funeral is on Friday. Have tried all the official RM sites I can find for a "fouled anchor" image, continuing to look. Cheers for all the help you can offer lads, much appreciated.
Jobsworth, sorry for your loss. RIP Royal.
Have you contacted your local Royal Marines Association,they may be affiliated to your nearest British Legion, they may be able to help with florist etc.
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