Foster mum of 80 kids banned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. FFS
  2. That says it all! :evil:
  3. Typifies the mixed up world we live in.

    Do right - your wrong.

    Do wrong - your Fuggin wrong.

    Lose, lose in society these days.
  4. What do you mean North of England say no more? And social workers are some of the most useless barstewards going. This doesn't surprise me at all.
  5. I must admit I would be wondering a bit, kid goes in a fully paid muslim and comes out a christian fundamentalist.

    Just think of the outcry if the process had been reversed and agood christian kid had come out a muslim.

    Now I happen to believe that no kid should be brainwashed into any religion at all so some one who changes some ones religion does have to be looked at in my book.
  6. I don't think anything would have been reported if it had gone the other way.
    How often do you see British Muslim converts, the answer is extremely frequently and normally they are more than a little extremist
  7. Strikes me that there has to be much more to this than is reported, although I'd agree with your point about the reaction should this be the other way round.

    On the basis of what's reported, and I can't see any corroboration elsewhere, it strikes me as a disproportionate reaction to de-list, although there are clearly aspects that do deserve further investigation.

    Mind you, as someone that Christian and Muslims would quite happily see executed I have little sympathy for either side.
  8. Slim

    That may have been the case a tear or so ago, but there are so many little englander outrage buses parked up all over england just waiting to go for any thing like that to get missed. Why do you think we heard about this one.

    In my book any adult who persuades any child to join any religion, especially a monotheistic one is an abuser.
  9. From the article:
    According to the article the carer did not attempt to change the girl's religion.

    In my opinion, people should be free to worship whoever or whatever they wish, as long as they do not attempt to force others to share their views. Religion is not always harmful, and in many ways could be considered to be a different way of living one's life. The girl was sixteen when she chose to convert, and the law allows her to make life-altering decisions at that age. I doubt many people would change their lifestyle so drastically without informing themselves first, and this girl appears to be happy with her choice, given that she is supporting the foster mother in her case against the council. Religion can be a good thing, and it should not be the foster mother's responsibility to ensure that the girl sticks to her earlier religion. I think that the council has overreacted, but there is not that much information in the article, so future facts may change that opinion.
  10. At 16 she's capable of making her own decisions.
  11. 16 year olds are extremely malleable, "Their Own Decisions" are frequently others decisions but they cannot see that.
  12. personally, I wasn't like that. But I guess that some people were.
  13. We'd all like to think that, but its a narrow-minded point of view. Very few people are strong willed enough to resist influence even into adult life. To see how easy it is to manipulate people (and its often done without thinking about it) just watch some Derren Brown.
    I also think children, especially between the ages of about 3 to 10 are best at this.
  14. Whilst that's what the article says the quotes from the foster parent don't indicate a paticularly tolerant attitude to Islam. We don't know what flavour of Islam the girl was brought up in or what flavour of Christian the foster carer is.

    There's not much information to go on but I don't have much confidence in the defences put forward in the Sun.
  15. At 16 I thought I was norman and fancied one of two vocations: becoming a priest (I had delusions about becoming Pope - Pope Thingy I ;) ) or joining the Submarine Service (as either a RO or Medical Technician). The latter was the only sane fancy: but I failed the medical. I think I burned my changes with the RCC by having taken a strongly critical stance against the then prevalent anti-Semitism: I was told my Jewish oppo has helped to murder Jesus! What tosh! :pissedoff:

    I agree with Maxi. Religious indoctrination of children is child abuse and promotes racism. I have no problems with the theologically orientated marketing themselves to mature adults and not abusing taxpayers money to promote their agenda.
  16. The simplest explantion is that this girl came from a very troubled background (why else would she be in foster care) and on discovering a decent and caring environment with her foster mum has thought to herself "There must be something in my foster mums beliefs if they produce a kind person like her"

    Have any of the other 80 or so children this woman has cared for been the subect of complaints? It would seem not or the authorities would have acted by now. I would say that this girl has been given the strengtth o make a break with her past and the local muslim community cannnot accept this and have called on their useful fools in the social services to make a fuss.
  17. Mind you the reality is that between 5 and 16 children are very vulnerable to religious propoganda, which is of course why the big religions and sects make such a thing over controlling their childrens education.

    On the face of things it would appear that the foster parents did not work hard enough to maintain the childs links with her birth culture. As I said before, just imagine the outcry had the situation been reversed and a child born into a christian family had converted to islam after being fostered with a muslim family.
  18. I know what you mean Maxi
    At nearly 18 I joined a radical group of seafarers, within a few short months they had converted me from a good christian boy into a beer swilling, swearing and shag anything Matelot. The RN really has a lot to answer for. :p :oops:
  19. It was the Naval section CCF at 14 that did for me, at that age what chance did I have

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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