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Being parked down here in Guzz, now part of FOSTs domain, the warship movements make some good reading: tomorrow (being the weekly Thursday war), we have 2 Swedish FPBs, a Chilean frigate (obviously one of our bargain basement sales), a Spanish LPD and frigate, and the WESTMINSTER. Not as embarassing as having to borrow a German U-Boat, as we had no SSNs working at the time, but does anyone remember when the whole squadron worked up together, like in the 60s ??
I did a bit of sea time in one of the U Boats running for FOST in
the nineties as the Submarine PO. Bit of an eye opener.....diving stations was some of the crew opening main vents by hand.

When dived it was quite easy to porpoise the boat along by waggling the afterplanes, they let me have a go and being an SSN man I assumed the controls were in postition control electric. I used far too much afterplanes and there we were bouncing along under water.

Very manouverable and she responded to the slightest up or down left or right movement of the stick or rudder. After being used to driving a bus, albeit a very fast bus, planing one of these was a bit of an eye opener.
Great fun....I did feel very queezy coming back to Portland Harbour on the roof after the serials were over though. I kept it all down but only just!!!! :puker:


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SSks very always useful as they could operate in much shallower water than the SSNs. Down side was that they couldn't reposition as quickly.

We see a lot of foreign SSks as that is how Johnny Foreigner pays for his ship work ups.

Another German SSK dit - just before the start of a JMC we visited one of the U boats prior to sailing and noticed that its radios were in bits. We asked the CO if it would delay his departure - he said no, he'd go whatever and didn't understand the fuss - after all he had the routes and the attack RV's - he'd be fine and he'd see us in 2 weeks..

Had to gently remind him that things had moved on since Doenitz was his boss, and that a silly little thing called waterspace management had now been invented....
One time we had a Portuguese boat working for us, PNS Calbrera (?). On that weeks WPP one of the casex's an A6? said exercise water depth 6000 feet. All the PNS guys were scouring the chart of the bravo/charlie areas looking for this depth. When told 'nope, the water really is very shallow and you're going to have to watch it big time' their collective minds changed considerably. Then they sloped off to have another drink of sherry. All the foreign boats running for FOST had some weird little tipple they all stuck to. The best were the German boats with beer stored in the tubes. All nice and cold and very I never fell off some of the brows is beyond me!
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