FOSNNI OPS to Go - defence cuts!

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by FLOODQ, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if people are aware but Sea Area Command will transfer to Northwood next year and no longer will Scottish waters be run from Scotland. FOSNNI Ops Room is to close with all staff being shown the door after god knows how many years of dedicated and safe operation. Its a total disgrace and another indicator of Gordon Brown's inept running of the military and dare I say it country. Talk about playing into the hands of the SNP!!!!

    Also understand that Stirling and other Scottish Log sites will close.
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    What a load of pish, we're building a UK Maritime Operations Centre at Northwood - to run all UK Maritime Operations.

    Seems totally sensible to me unless the Scottish Navy want to build an alternative.
  3. Hello wake up and smell the coffee! The reason is to save money and you are telling me we are spending EVEN more money building another glass palace when we already have Atlantic Building in Northwood and the Ops Room in Faslane is already well equipped!

    For the record I'm not a Jock but I see the advantages of having people who know the area and the way it works. I have no problem in some of the services being transferred but to do it for cost savings measures and then to spend even more is in your words, total pish!
  4. Come on FLOODQ - just how many surface/subsurface units do we have swanning around the SCXA's these days?

    Contraction is always painful and even sad but the reality is that common sense must prevail.

    If "Navy Ops Ltd" was funded personally by yourself would you pay to run FOSNNI Ops ?
  5. Unfortunately due to the down sizing of the fleet is there any need now? Although I think it is w**k it was inevitable
  6. As I have said I have no problem with Waterspace management going south, indeed it makes good sense. Its the tasks which people do not see and take for granted such as NARO callout, Fishing vessel safety, small craft safety, airspace control over the nuclear installations including Coulport, 24/7 manning of safety radios, helo pad operations including the Sar Flight/Police helicopters, out of hours contact with all and sundry for units reporting defects/returning to base to name just a few. We will end up with no 24/7 military cover which is a dangerous situation when it goes wrong, and it will.

    To answer the question I would not pay for it, but its already there so why are we spending even more to make it work because someone high up the food chain has come up with a great idea! We will loose posts up here but more manpower will be the result down south to make it seem to be working. Its a total sham.
  7. Atlantic building in Northwood is purely NATO, nothing to do with Fleet.

    The MOC at Northwood will replace the NCC (with the exception of 3 or 4 section who are to remain down there) which as we all know is well outdated and a H & S nightmare.
  8. Just to add another little bit, rumour has it, FOST (S), Devonport is also getting the Scottish exercise areas and FOST (N) is going to be closed as well.

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