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War Hero
Would it be possible to have multiple pages on the forwarder?I sometimes dont look at this site for a few days and it is very easy to miss something if the site has been busy!


War Hero
This was posted in Site Issues unless there is a slip in the time-space continuum!!
Perhaps the moderators are away polishing their pubic jewellery!

Bad CO

Unfortunately both GCO and myself have day jobs which mean that we can't always get round to answering queries in here as quickly as we would like. If something is really urgent then email it to us - [email protected].

With regards to this issue, I'm not really sure what you mean. Could you explain what you mean in a but more detail?


War Hero
What I meant was having multiple pages on the forwarder-thepage you arrive at when you log in.However I have solved my problem by going to the read all unread posts prompt.

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