Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, May 11, 2006.

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  1. I know that we have Diamond Lils (that ive never heard of) but can we have a site where everything goes, something like the Fleet Canteen with a massive notice on it saying do not enter if easily offended. With no interference from moderators,pc people or general pratts?In fact a place of pure evil and debaunchery? Anyone agreeing shout very loudly.

    Talking about Forums, we have a wrens forum ,a submariners forum,an acs forum,all private, can we have a closed forum for those that dont like closed forums ?
  2. I thought we weren't doing the pandering to individual egos and having private forums/fora/forii? If you want private, then PM each other!
  3. PS you dont read the thread do you?no sense of humour? whats wrong with a Fleet Canteen? Anyone against it has no need to post, just dont look into the f***ing thing.
  4. I thought that was the idea of Diamond Lil's as opposed to The Quarterdeck?
  5. I read the post, dipshit. No need to get on your high horse about it. If you had any intelligence you would have realised that PMing each other would make private areas redundant.

    Shit, sometimes I wonder how people like you ever got into the mob in the first place. Must have been a bad year for numbers for your careers office.

    If the computer and current technology is too much for you, turn it off and go back to the Legion, f**wit.

    Edited - just read your profile. You are an ex tractor driver, so I suppose I shouldn't be expecting too much from you.
  6. you arrogant bastard and i mean that where is the fun in a PM dont you get the closed forum joke read the fucking thing dildo.
  7. Quote from Higthepig "Talking about Forums, we have a wrens forum ,a submariners forum,an acs forum,all private, can we have a closed forum for those that dont like closed forums ?[/quote]

    Got the submariners private form wrong, there is not one and will never be one see the moderators posting.

    Any forum such as you suggest "Fleet Canteen" should be private in order that scumbags, perv's, political animals of the far Right and Left and Godbothers plus any other low life can expound their garbage with out the RN being associated with it to outsiders. Best still lets us censor it out of existance.

  8. Here we go, isn't there a job with the Sri Lankan Navy for tossers like you? Bait for Tamil Tigers sounds good.

    If you are too stupid to use the internet, then please go and find something else to play with. Like traffic.

    You started kicking off, tosser, you are a civvy now so you can bend over and stick it up your well fu**ed farter.
  9. Very sad, very crude have a nice life.
  10. Now now children can you please wait while I pick up the toys.

    Please give me a chance to duck before you start again :lol:
  11. With what I would like to believe is an objective comment surely there are many sites to express strong opinions without dragging a Royal Navy site down. To each his/her own perhaps and keep this site within reason. Remember how many have access to the web and the types of people involved. Don't tarnish the White Ensign please I still respect it and have many happy memories of serving under it. No offence intended to anyone but let's have something sacred in this sick bleedin' world,

  12. Nah - my toys are firmly back in the pram. I like to be called a "dildo" and then be told how crude and sad I am in the next breath!
  13. That is what Diamond Lil's is for

    The fact you have never heard of it doesn't mean it isn't a good name
  14. That's the best rant exchange I've seen on any forum for a long time - well done Pompey Sailor and higthepig! You've made my day.

    PS Do the Whale Island SyOPS cover typing "stick it up your well fu**ed farter" on the internet?! ;)
  15. Will do shortly. They will also be incorporated into the next edition of the career regulations, so there will be no excuse for not knowing when, how or why to carry out this manoeuvre. Might even get the PR people to produce a video, website and some pamphlets to get the point across more forcefully. Anyway, weekend beckons and the transport to civilisation is reduced because of "staff sickness". Again.....perhaps we should have recruited more drivers. I wonder if they want any ex-tractor drivers? I know where I can find one who has faaaaar too much time on his hands!

    Only joking....
  16. This thread was started as abite,good innit,but seriosly i looked on arrse,and theyhave another naafi with abig notice on it ,very funny,yes also very sick,i just thought young ones might post,but look at janners survey, Nobodys here ,where the fuck are these members,as usual its the same old names,and thats what pisses me off,you want people to post? ive tried, some other people have a go.

    A lot of people read,but dont understand what theyve read.
  17. And yet again we are back on the same subject, Lil's is the eqv. to the naafi. Maybe Arrse has a diff feel than RR. There are some idiots floating about on arrse who think their main job is to constantly abuse fellow members.

    Is that how you want this to be?
  18. There are some on here as well
  19. Have to agree with both hobbit and Jenny_Dabber on this one , but I have enjoy'ed the arguments for and against , glad they were not in the same room , must also agree that it's the same old names most of the time ,only remember though that the site is only 3 months old and should get better all the time , i constantly promote it up at Derriford and am hopeful of getting it mentioned in the next issue of the Staff Newsletter , ah well fingers crossed , :roll: :lol:

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