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Discussion in 'RMR' started by tealy, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Alright fellas,
    I'm an ex bootneck (5 yrs) and I left in 2004. I'm interested in going RMR and had a couple of questions.
    Is the transition easy, i.e do I have any tests etc to pass, are the entry requirements for Officer selection the same as the regulars or would I have to join as an OR first?
    Also are there billets available to go on ops and temp drafts with cdo units?
    Thanks in advance, sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere too!
    PS what dets are in Leeds?

  2. Hi mate, did you hold a comission in the regs?

    I wanted to join up and train as an officer but was told you have to go through the motions first.
  3. No I was OR in the regs too. But I think I'm too old for regular officer, been an old fart at 28...
  4. Why did you leave? I tried to join the Marines but my sister Fukced me over, she told them that i had a Mum and Dad.
  5. That's a shame, get a new sister i reckon.
    I left to go to uni, now i'm a trainee accountant but am now realising I might be pussers till I die so I need some magic back in my life. Tried Paul Daniels but he was too rats.
  6. tealy
    Leeds Det is part of RMR Tyne - give them a bell they will give you the gen.
    if you have been out for over 5 years - no problem re joining - you will unfortunatley loose any seniority or SQ but no re training other than getting your drills up to speed ( normally takes about six months )
    Officer wise - submit GRF once up to speed, proceedure then is Unit Board - AIB - RMR Officer training .
    if you have any specific qustions re RMR Officer training please feel free to pm me
    get yourself back in - you wont regret it !!
  7. Cheers for that Moose, left end of 04 so havent passed the 5 year mark yet.
    I'll send you a pm about the Officer side of things a bit later, thanks for the info.
    One question...GRF?

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